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Dog Tooth
Mountain Railroad
og Tooth Mountain Railroad began in 1988 on my sundeck and was half the size you see it now. Ironically, the half that wasnt there was the half with Dog Tooth Mountain. Back then it was simply a 3' wide, back-and-forth, no-name yard railroad that ended just beyond the edges of the engine and repair houses where you see the dusty road. It was almost finished (if a model railroad ever is) when that fateful day came... January 17, 1994 the biggest earthquake in the history of Los Angeles. My little railroad, the first Id had since I was a lad more than 30 years ago, was badly battered. I was devastated. I covered it with a rain tarp on the theory that when my emotions subsided, Id chop it up and haul it down to the dumpster. Four years later 1998 I discarded the tarp, moved a ton of furniture, built a substructure, then removed the huge sheet of

by Richard Vye
Photos by the author

glass from the bay window adjoining the sun deck. Next, with the help of about a dozen of my bewildered neighbors, we tugged and twisted and jimmied my battered friend into its new home my living room! As I repaired the original section and its structures, I added the new mountain section. I made the mountains as rugged as I could, then populated them with four gold mines, a 70' through timber bridge, a

At the crack of dawn, a sleepy No. 4 American class locomotive is coaxed from its engine house stall toward the first step in her daily journey the turntable. Her two ten-wheeler cousins will be next.


APRIL 2002

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