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2 002 Athearn, Inc.

T hese t wo n ew l ocomotive a dditions to A thearn's READY- TO- ROLVM l ine a re t he p erfect c ompliment t o o ur READY-TO-ROLVM f reight cars, v ehicles a nd i ntermodal c ontainers. We chose to offer t he f irst t wo READYTO-ROLLTM l ocomotives i n s pectacular, n ever b efore r eleased a nd u nique p romotional p rototype p aint s chemes. I n a ddition to b eing c ompletely a ssembled a nd r eady to o perate r ight o ut o f t he b ox, e ach l ocomotive m odel w ill f eature t he r obust p erformance a nd a ttention to d etail t hat a re t he h allmarks o f A thearn. C heck w ith y our f avorite h obby s upplier f or a vailability & p ricing.

C ompletely a ssembled w ith h andrails a nd d etail p arts i nstalled Features Athearn's i mproved d riveline f or s moother, q uieter o peration S kew w ound b alanced f ive-pole a rmature w ith t uned f lywheels D azzling R azor S harp p aint a nd p rinted g raphics Precision m olded e ngineering resin handrails E -Z Mate knuckle couplers, compatible w /all b rands o f k nuckle couplers
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