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November 1941 - Page 39

November 1941 - Page 39

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,F irst s tep i n c onstruction o f m ailing t uhe c ulvert i s t o c ut t ube t o a bout - twice w idth o f r oadbed. T ube t hen c an b e n ailed o r g lued a cross t able a t l owest p oint o f p roposed e mbankment .

A fter p roper l ocation f or m ailing t ube h as b een f ound a nd i t ' has b een a ffixed t o t able, s upports f or e mbankments a re c overed w ith w ire m esh, w hich i s c ut o ut t o f it a round t ube a s show,n.

H ere A re T hree T ypes T hat Can B e B uilt E asily, A t L ittle E xpense, From Tubes, S ticks a nd P laster


ULVERTS a nd embankments a re i nseparable devices o f r ailroad engineering. Where i t is necessary f or r ailroad builders 'to fill in t he low spots along a proposed right-of-way in o rder to m aintain a level track, t hat fill-in or embankment becomes a dam a gainst all r ain w aters a nd floods. I t i s f or t his r eason t hat c ulverts a re n ecessary a nd will be found a t f requent intervals along all real railroad rights-of-way. Culverts allow drainage to flow h armlessly under t he t rack, f rom one side to t he o ther. In a model railroad, m iniature c ulverts add f urther evidence of a uthenticity t o t he r ight-of-way, They a re e asy' to make and t he m aterials r equired a re n ot expensive. Every model r ailroader h aving a line t hat ' is elevated on embankments should pierce and protect those

e mbankments w ith s everal culverts, like those shown here. N aturally c ulverts a re placed a t t he lowest p oint i n t he e mbankment a nd a t all spots w here d rain w ater normally accumulates. Th,e collecting side of t he c ulvert may be fed by ditches r unning p arallel to t he t rack, by creeks o r s treams r unning a t a n a ngle t oward t he t rack, o r by both. The dispersal end of t he c ulvert o ften feeds into a ditch o r c reek r unning a way f rom t he t rack. Culverts r ange i n size according t o t he d uty t h,ey m ust p erform, to t he p eak a mount o f w ater t hat i s expected. Some c ulverts a re s imple little c orrugated i ron pipes, o thers a re e laborate s teel a nd c oncrete s tructures t hat a re n ot a f ar c ry f rom a n a ctual r ailroad b ridge. On t his a nd t he following pages a re models of t hree 'common types.

P rotruding e nds o f m ailing t ube a re c oated, i nside ' a nd o ut, w ith a l ayer o f t hin p atching p laster w hich d ries t o a d irty g rey , c olor a nd w ill g ive t ube a ppearance o f r oughly f inished c oncrete.

W ire m esh a round c ulvert i s c overed w ith l ayers o f p laster, l ater f inished w ith r ock fill o r g rass t o m atch s urrounding e mbankment. T rickle o f w ater i s p ainted i n b ottom o f t ube.

, NOVEMBER, 1941

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