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September 1985 - Page 31

i n use, a sign of the minor state of rai l passenger service in Guanaj uato. The re were two daily mixed trains and a through Me xico Gty sleeping car until the earl y 1 970s. The 5805 c u t off the train o n a rri val and took the two freigh t cars to the freigh t house . The switching lead at the end of the line is very short, and can only handle a single locomoti ve . While the passenger traffic may not be heavy on thi s day, the express b usiness was very good, with sev eral baggage carts filled with all sorts of items. The G l 2 returned with two different boxcars, an FCP and an NdeM, and coupled onto the express car. Train 282

depa rted for Irapuato a t 9:23 a . m . one hour and three minutes late . The pas senger load was fai rly light, and the con d uctor indicated that Sundays were the b usiest day. The return trip was similar to the one to Guanaj uato, with the two box cars set out at Silao. It was an interesting little excursion on a real mixed train and it only cost 96 pesos or (at that time ) j ust about S O
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