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August 1985 - Page 5

Right-of-Way Purchase Is Giant Step Toward Long Beach LRT Reality
The Los Angeles County Transportation Commission announced in May it had agreed to pay Southern Pacific Transporta tion Co. about $25.9 million for 15.8 miles of the former Pacific Electric Long Beach line right-of-way. The commission also said it has agreed to buy 27.5 acres of land on Carson St. in northwest Long Beach (east of the Long Beach Freeway and north of the San Diego Freeway) along the Los Angeles River for shops and yard. The county agency will own the center portion of the right-of-way from 16th St. in Los Angeles to a point just east of the Cota crossing with Union Pacific in Long
The End of an Era: DD40AX 6936 and SD40-2 3680 lead the LAWST east near Borie, Wyo., on May 6, 1985, as revenue freight service by the Centennial l ocomotives draws to a close. The Centennial w as removed fro m the train at Cheyenne. It led the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club excursion on May 24, 1 9 8 5 , out o f Denver in its new role as a historic Diesel. -D. A . STICKLEY

Beach, and the entire right-of-way beyond to its end at Willow St. SP would continue freight operations along the joint portion. Escrow for the right-of-way purchase should close sometime in July.

Parade Opens T hird Historical Trolley Fest
In the grand style to which San Francisco residents are accustomed, the 1985 His toric Trolley Festival began with a gala parade of cars on Market St. on May 23. Continuing a longstanding tradition, Her Honor the Mayor Dianne Feinstein piloted Municipal Railway No. 1 at the head of a string of 14 trolleys. Following were "Boat" 224 from Black pool, Muni 130, Veracruz open bench 00 1, Muni 178, Market St. Ry. 578, Muni PCC 1040, Oporto 189, Melbourne 648, Milan 1834, Muni (in St. Louis colors) 1704, Portland 503, Hamburg 3557, and Muni PCC 1006. Also on the parade route was former Muni trolley coach 776. Market St. Ry. 578, a single-truck Cali fornia-type car, was a new entry for this year; it had been at the Western Railway Museum at Rio Vista Jct. for a number of years.

R ail Briefs ...
Santa Fe Railway has purchased $2.29

other than management are represented by the same union. This may be an indication of things to come in rail labor circles. (Railway Age) One means to overcome high ground water and shifting level has been for Union
Pacific to power trackside signals at four

million worth of Locotrol II equipment from Harris Controls for use in locomo tives being rebuilt at the company's Cleburne, Tex., shops. Santa Fe currently has about 50 units equipped with Locotrol equipment. Overtures have been made between the
United Transportation Union and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

points along the Great Salt Lake in Utah with solar power.
Southern Pacific announced in late May

it is considering disposing of the Globe
branch in Arizona due to sagging traffic

regarding a possible merger. Common goals and shrinking memberships in all rail crafts are cited as reasons for the proposed merger. A related labor note is that Kyle
Railways has signed an agreement with

levels. The 133-mile line runs from Bowie to Globe and Miami, providing a round about connection with the outside world for the Inspiration Copper Co. and a few other shippers. The ICC will accept com-

the UTU where all of the road's employees

Government Study Concludes Rail Coal Rates Not Excessive
A preliminary study by the U.S. Dept. of Energy concludes that railroad rates for hauling coal have not been excessive since the Staggers Act was passed in 1980. The rates have increased less than 0.5 percent a year since then, according to the report. This appears to be a major blow to efforts by a special interest group-mainly electric utilities and coal producers-that wants to change Staggers because it says rail rates for coal are out of line. The railroads have launched a major public relations and lobbying effort to thwart any changes in the law by Congress. (Southern Pacific)
The first unit completed in Santa Fe's U36C rebuild program, No. 9500 (ex-8721) is shown at Rio Vista, Tex . , just south of the Cleburne shops, on May 2 4 on a test run to Temple. (Also see the Santa Fe news column.) -MIKE BLEDSOE


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