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Copper Basin Railway units 201, 204 and 202 sit near the ore dumper in Hayden, Ariz . , o n September 25, 1986. The Kenne cott smelter, which the new line serves, is in the background. -DICK STEPHENSON

t ion f or that purpose was passed by the state legislature, and signed by Gov . Deukmejian on September 30, j u s t i n time to meet the deadline.
O pposition Expressed

L.A. Metro Rail Fete Heralds First Segment
Over 1 ,000 were on hand at 1 s t and Hill Sts. in downtown Los Angeles (the site of the future Civic Center Station) f ground or breaking ceremonies on September 29, 1 986, for the first 4 . 4-mile segment Union Station to Wilshire and Alvarado of the long-sought "heavy" rail subway. Over 20 speakers, ranging from city council persons and county supervisors to state legislators and members of various public boards, sang the praises of Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, who consid ered the Metro Rail project a high priority f many years and who put a lot of per or sonal eff ort into fighting f it . or Five stations, four of which are in down town, will be included in the first segment, as well as a storage yard, maintenance shops and central control facilities on the former site of Santa Fe's First St. Yard alongside the Los Angeles River. One more obstacle was seemingly over come in October when a district court judge in Washington, D . C . , allowed release of $22 5 . 6 million in federal funds pre viously blocked. Opponents of L.A. Metro hoped to stall the entire project until environmental impact studies had been reviewed. The judge ruled that the initial 4.4-mile segment could stand alone. Assuming the groups do not successfully appeal this ruling, the money will be f orth coming. Ironically, the name of one of the groups is "Rapid Transit Advocates."

Ex-SP Gallery Cars Sold by Caltrans
T he Cal trans ex-Southern Pacific bilevel gallery cars which served f many years in or commute service between San Francisco and San Jose have been sold to Tour Alaska. Its bid of $ 7 5 0,000 was the only one re ceived, but the sale amount was criticized by some local agencies that had expressed interest in future use of the cars. The cars had been out of service since last year, when new equipment replaced them. They were stored for Caltrans by the SP at San Jose without cost until Septem ber 30, 1 986. After that date, SP indicated it would require rent in the amount of $ 1 4,000 per month. The request f bids or was advertised, and the one bid received opened just in time to meet the deadline. Caltrans was required by the Urban Mass Transit Administration to return the pro ceeds of the sale back into Cal Train oper ations, and not into the state general fund, since UMTA had supplied the largest por tion of the funds to purchase the gallery cars from the SP when the state took over Peninsula commute operations. Authoriza4 DECEMBER 1 986

Local transit agencies, notably represen tatives from Oceanside, San D iego and Simi Valley, were very vocal in their oppo sition to the sale. They felt that the cars should have been reserved f or possible future use in their areas. They did not, however, have the money at hand to either pay the storage costs f the cars, or to or move them to a location in Southern Cali f ornia (estimated to be $63,000). This is not to say that the transit plans of local communities are without merit, but in today's market, it takes money to make your voice heard.
P roposed Refitting

P lans by Tour Alaska f or the cars are very interesting. They plan to spend a con siderable amount of money to completely refit the cars f operation as private cruise or trains. These will operate between San D iego and the Bay Area, with an overnight stopover at Santa Barbara. Possibly in the future they may operate between Oakland and Seattle to carry passengers on land as part of a cruise. Passengers would arrive, f example, at San Diego by ship, transfer or to their train, travel northward to the Bay Area, and return to their ship two days later. We will provide more details as they become available. (Dicl Slephenson)

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