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on the way). As can be seen from the two photos on PRN 270, the end design of the striping was changed after No. 103 arrived in Portland, and 103 has now received the revised striping, the original stripes having been removed in 1985 (or possibly '84).
All Wiring Now Strung

is sc heduled to run on weekdays only, the opening day celebration was held on the first Monday of service. San Francisco's Mayor, Diane Feinstein, again was at the controls of the first car in the parade, and this year it was not Muni Car I , but t he newly arrived Hiroshima 578, a double truck city car. The mayor had originally requested the restored Blackpool 228 "Boat" car to add a little variety to this occasion, but switched to the enclosed Hiroshima car because of the cold, foggy weather on the mo rning of the parade. The lineup of cars for the parade out M arket St. from Transbay Terminal was as

follows : Hiroshima 578 and Blackpool 228 (the two newest Festival cars), then Muni burg 3557, St. Louis Public Service 1704, Car I , Melbou rne 648, Muni 130, Ham

and Muni 1006. Muni's restored Marmon Herrington trolley coach 776 also made an appearance during the parade. Several of the Festival cars were not used in the parade including Milan 1834, Oporto 1 89, M arket Street Ry. 578 and Muni 1040. These cars will also be in service, alternat ing with the parade cars as needed. Several "new" historic cars will be in this year's Festival, although some were not ready for the opening day ceremonies.

During the last week of March and the first half of April, all of the running wire in downtown was strung. On April 17 or 1 8, the last wiring gap in the system on the Banfield Freeway at around 15th Ave.was closed. Thus,

all of the overhead wiring in

the Portland system is now st rung. It is not yet all usable, but will be soon . I need to co rrect something I wrote in my last column: T he LR T stations on Morrison St. will not be excluded when it comes to wheelchair lifts; I got lifts mixed up with ticket machines, which will be located on every platform except those on Morrison St.


Every platform on the line

To Mt. Lowe With Love
I t w a s t h e world's greatest t r o l l e y a d ve n t u r e ! T h e B i g R e d C a rs took you t o S o u t hern C a l i forn i a ' s R u b i o C a nyon . . . u p t h e

will be equipped with a wheelchair lift. On March 26, the Portl and City Council approved the formation of a Local Im provement District to pay for t he vintage trolley service. This assures funding for the service, which would begin in summer 1987 and would run on weekends from April (later in the first year) through December, using four ex-Porto Brill-type streetcars (like Muni's No. 1 89).
New Destination Signs


i n c l i ne . . . t h en a ride o n t h e five - m i le n a rrow-gauge e l ectrics to m ajestic M t . Lowe . The t h r i l l l a s t e d 4 5 y e a rs , to 1 9 3 8 - now you can relive i t ! T his fa b u l o u s program by Phil

A lso New! F LI V V E R F E V E R
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C a l l a h a n expertly b l e nds v i n t age s t i l l b / w p h o tos w i t h movie foo t age - fi n a l l y , in color! h a n d - t i n t e d scenes

Because of a number of problems with the original destination signs for the LRVs, all of the cars will receive new sign curtains before the line opens. Aside from co rrec tion of the problems, which I will explain next month, Tri-Met is also taking the opportunity to switch to a more readable typeface; u pper and lower case lettering will be used, so the new signs will look very diff erent from the existing, all capital letter signs . The current signs will be re placed in late August, so if you have the opportunity get your photos of the old signs while you can, since they will never be used in service.

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Lowe available


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S H I P P I N G : P l ease

By Don Jewell
As previously announced, the 1986 Sum mer Historic Trolley Festival began its operating season with the traditional first day, noontime parade up Market St. on Monday, May 19. Since this year's Festival

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