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A light dust of snow added a wintry touch to "last day" ceremonial operation on the Yakima Valley Transportation C o . on November 1 8 , 1 9 8 5 . Union Pacific ran both electric locomotives on t h e line for photos. Here, at Wide Hollow Junction, No. 298 sits at left on the Wiley City line while No. 297 poses on the Henrybro route. -S TE VE MOR GAN

by Kenneth



Yakima trackage. Locomotive 298 accompanied it on its tour of the Wiley City and Selah lines. At Congdon's Orchards, a refrigerator car (which had been spotted there for the purpose five months earlier) was ceremoni ously picked up and hauled back into town by the 297. This was the last official freight train on the YVT. Later in the afternoon of the 18th, a public ceremony was held at the YVT shops. Owner Union Pacific donat ed the entire YVT railroad, two locomotives, substa tions, parts and tools to the city of Yakima. The locomo tives given to the city were line car No.A and steeple cab No. 298, both of which are to become part of a planned


FTER SPENDING THE LAST 43 Y EARS IN the service of Yakima Valley Transportation Com

pany, former Glendale & Montrose 50-ton boxcab loco

motive No.22 (YVT 297) has returned to Southern Cali fornia. A long-standing request for the unit by the Orange Empire Railway Museum at Perris was acted upon favorably by the Union Pacific (owners of the YVT and once the operators of the locomotive after the demise of the Glendale & Montrose in 1930). YVT No. 297 made its last run on Monday, Novem ber 18, 1985, in a final commemorative trip over the

Ceremonially towing in the last refrigerator car on the line, Baldwin-Westinghouse No. 297 runs against traffic on the side of-the-road trackage along Nob Hill Blvd., at 3 1 st Ave. on No vember 18, 1985. Trailing behind is No. 298. It was the city's com plaints about operations along this stretch that led to the end of UP ownership. - STE VE MORGAN


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