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announ ce d in J un e, and some merchants along the route, mainl y at Fish er man's Wharf, immediately came out in opposition to the service because it might increase traffic co ngestion. Since the Wharf ar ea is already overcrowded with automobiles, and si nce the Sa n F rancisco Be lt onl y h as a single track line in that area, it was d ec ided to r un t he demonstration troll ey line o nl y as far west as the Pier 39 co mpl ex a t t hi s time . Finall y, in mid-July the plans for this tro ll ey li ne test operation fi r med u p . T wo single-truck cars were to be u se d , each towing a small power generator " car," ru nning on a 15-minute h eadway bet wee n the foo t o f Market St. (across from the Ferry Building) and the Pier 39 area. T hese cars wo uld r un exclusive ly on the Sa n F ra ncisco Belt tracks which are a co mbination o f single and multi ple trac ks in both str ee ts and private ri ght s-of-way betwee n these two terminals, with the cars passing on the dou ble-track section near Levi Plaza. T hi s se r vice wo uld ope rate from 10 a .m . to 6 p .m. , with car stops at ap pr oximately two-block i nt er va ls. However, becau se o f t he costs in vo lved in this unusual operation and a short age o f M UN I fund s this year to cover the tes t, the Embar ca dero Cent er m anagement and that o f Pier 39 agreed to fund the opera ti on for a two -day-per- week service fo r a six-week period . T h e days of opera ti on were set fo r Friday and Sa turd ay, to test both weekday and weekend usage. T h ese days we re picked to coincide with the regular T r oll ey Festi va l se r vice, b eca u se t he troll ey crews wo uld come fro m their reg ul ar assignm ent o n the Fes ti va l. T he cars u se d fo r the test wo uld be the Market Street R y. 578 and the O po rt o 189, which was fr es hly paint ed in red and crea m in anticipation o f this ser vice. Approval of the E mb arcadero troll ey demonstration was expected by the end o f Jul y, with ser vice t o start in early August, but getting ever yo ne to agr ee on the operation, as we ll as covering o f t he $21,000 cost fo r the six weeks, took longer than ex pec ted . T h e c it y's P u bl ic U tiliti es Commi ss ion gave final approval on Septe mb er 8, and ser vice s tarted three days late r. T he experimental line was to run fo r six co nsecuti ve weeks with the last day o f service o n Saturday, October 17, coi nciding with the la st day o f this year's Historic T r oll ey Festival. Historic T rolley F estival In Festival news, ridershi p this year as of ea rl y Septemb er h as been at least as good as las t year, and some rep orts ind icate it is up 10 percent or more. H a mburg 3557 receive d bodywork and was co mpletely repaint ed during the su mm er ; it was sc heduled to go into service during September, replacing the Milan 1834. Marm on-Herrington troll ey coach 776 h as b ee n running in regular se r vice on the 8-Market St. line at le as t one day a week fo r m os t o f t he summ e r.

T he reconstruction of Market St. between F remont and 12th sts. is n ow set to begin in April 1988. As men tioned previously, the street will be co mpletely r ebuilt from sidewalk to sidewalk, including new streetcar tracks and b oa rding islands . Becau se o f t hi s wo rk, there will no t be a T ro ll ey Festi va l on Mark et St. next ye ar, and di sc u ss ions are now underway to find so me altern a ti ve fo r the operation . I f the Embarcadero demonstration wo rks we ll , this may be the 1988 Festi va l ro ut e, b ut perhaps so me kind o f service could still run on outer Market St. from the wye at I I t h St. More deta il s on the Market St. track reconstruction and 1988 F estival as th ey become known . December 28, 1987 marks the 75 th anniversary o f the start o f M unicipal Railway service in San Francisco, and a civic ce lebration is planned to mark the occasion. Al ong with M U Nl' s restored hi storic streetcars, a num ber o f hi sto ri c M U NI moto r and troll ey coach es h ave now been gathered and sho ul d be restored to operati ng condition for t hi s event. As of midSe pt ember, specific deta il s o f the commemoration had not b ee n announced . I n o ther historic ve hi cle news, fo ur fo rmer Seattle Me tro tro ll ey coaches, 61 4, 632 and 64 1 (built by Twin Coach) and 643 ( built by Pullman Standard ), arri ve d in the city d uring July and are stored at Potrero D i vision awaiting the d ec ision on their r es toration .

D ur ing the firs t t wo we ekends o f July the Pacific S outhwest R ailway M u s eum o perated excur SIO n trains out o f both Cam po, Ca li f., a nd Tecate, Baja Ca li f. , M exico. A 12-mile trip was of fe red fro m Tecate to the intern ational border. T he group has leased fo r fi ve years the ac tual 19 16- built wooden railroad depot and ten acres of land at Ca mp o. ( R E P OR T , P S R MA ) T h e We stern R ailway M useum (Bay Area Electric Railroad Assoc .) will again this w int er o pera te s p ecial exc ursion trains fro m the m u seum site at Rio Vista J unction to Dozie r. Between October 3, 1987 and March 27, 1988 the mu se um will operate a se ri es o f 24 t wo -hour 16mile round trips. T h e trains are schedul ed to u se the m u se um 's for mer Visa li a Elect ri c GE 44- to nner 502 , two SP commu te coaches, Weste rn Pac ifi c lounge car 653, and Sa lt L ak e & U tah i nterur ban trailer obser va ti on 75 1. More infor mation is ava il able fro m the m u se um at P.O. Box 3694, San F ra ncisco, CA 94 11 9. ( Wese rn R a ilway Museu m) T h is year the P uget S ound Railway H istoric al Ass ociation of Snoqualmie, Wash ., is cele br ating its 30th ann iver sa ry. Recentl y the gro up r an special trains to h elp the local P u get Power ce leb ra te its 100 th a nniversar y. T we nt y years ago the grou p operated its fi rst revenue t ra in. ( TH E S OUNDER, P S RHS )


B rian N orden
P acific L ocomotiv e Assn. co ntinues to wo rk o n the rail line in N iles Can yo n. Its work is aided by the donation of rail and track materi al fro m the U nion P acific . I n July a ca rl oad o f 11 9-l b. rail and one o f o ther track ma teri al were de li ve red. ( THE CLUB CAR, P L A )

Some mistakes crept into P RN 286: Santa Fe did not o rd er any new power yet (as o f late Se pt emb er), and t he second S an D iegan 586 handled 11 7 pass en gers, not 171 7. Both these i tems are f r om E x pedited N ews on page 6. T h e CM &W r oster in P R N 287 includes an e rr or in that t h e ex-Western Pacific G P40s (such as 676) had U P n umber s, b ut m odified W P liveries, not U P as alluded to. Milwaukee R oad L ocation O n p . 42 ( P R N 283) yo u printed a photo o f Milwaukee R oa d 102 00 , b ut you co ul d not identi fy the location. I t was snapped in October 19 15 at B utte, Mon tana. K EVIN WA L SH E rrata D ata
G ur thanhs La A ndy Taylor, A rt Gibson and J o hn A rb uc hle w ho ca lled La our alle 11l ion the en "Ol" o f our ways in w lhing abo Ul R io G ran de K a n sas operatio ns over M oP ac

T h e E a s t e rn N e bra s ka C hapter , N RHS , F re mont , Neb. , is adding a third fo rm er sleeping ca r to their co ll ec tion. T he car Tow is l joins the L ahe B luff and F o ri A ndrews ( both 10 sect io n- I drawing room-2 co mp artm ent). [No i nfor mation abo ut the style o f the car ca ll ed Touris!. ] All o f t hese cars were once u se d by the C hi cago & N ort h Weste rn. Also soon to be ava il able for the excursion train is a business car buil t in 1946 for the Chicago & Alton. T hi s car was later u se d by the G&MO and the ICG before being sold to a car repair firm in Texas w hi ch so ld the car to the U P, wh ic h so ld the car befo re making u se o f it.

Easern N e brasha C hapler, N RHS )

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