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August 1987 - Page 3

A ugust 1987

N o. 285

P A C IFI C R l l1LNElf/S

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C alifornia Operation Lifesaver . .... Dick Stephenson
F our carriers cooperate on a most i mportant mission


P UBLISHER: Mac Sebree E DITOR: Jim Walker N EWS E DITOR: Dick Stephenson ASSOCIATE E DITOR: Mike Schafer A RT D IRECTOR: Allen Ambrosini P RODUCTION M ANAGER: Ray Geyer C ONTRIBUTING A RTIST: John Signor S TAFF: Michael W. Blaszak, David R. Busse, P. Allen Copeland, Harre W. Demoro, R. C. Farewell , Thomas Higgins, Herb Horton, Don Jewell , Ken Meeker, Steve Morgan, Brian Norden , Clifford Prather, Karl Rasmussen, John A. Rushton, Jim Seal, Joe Strapac, Charles Vercelli.
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Riding the Ski T rain in Style . .. Chip Sherman/Darrell
Arndt Silver Sky: the perfect conclusion to the 1987 ski season


T he C ochise Coal T rain . ............ Chris Raught 14
An unremarked SP/AT&SF o peration in New Mexico a nd Arizona

M orrison-Knudsen 1986 Activities . .... Norman E .
Anderson 16 Locomotive and car rebuilding at M -K i n Idaho and New York

R ail N ews _. .. ... __ . . __ . .. 4 E xpedi t ed N ews . ......... 6 R ailroads. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 C all B oard . ...... . ...... 39 T ransit . ... ......... .. .. 4 0 F rom t he P ast . ...... ... . 43 P hoto S top . ............. 4 4 I nterurbans N ewsletter. . .. 4 6 E xtra B oard A ds . ........ 47

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COVER: Union Pa cifi c E9 951 lea ds the Cal ifornia Operalioll L ifesave r S pecial so uth of Co lt on , Ca li f. , on April 23 , 1987 , toward its fir st stopofth e da y at Riverside. T h e cla ss ic E unit led only on t he Sa n Bernardino-Los Angeles segment (see more detail s on pa ge 8).


W here do es the West begin? Some East Coasters say O hio; West Coasters have been known t o say the Sierra range! Seems some have forgotten that the Middle West separates East from West, and Midwesterners will probably agree that the M idwest-whose h eart is C hicago-ex tends from the Ohio-Pennsylvania border to the Nebraska-Colorado state line . .. o r roughly thereabouts. As for P RN's coverage, we've often called the Mississippi River o ur " borde r," b ut n orth o f Cairo, Ill. (pronounced Cay-row locally-and d on't p ronounce the " s" in Illinois) it is m ore accurate to follow the Ohio and Wabash rivers, then the Indiana border to the shore o f L ake M ichigan-and t hen include the U pper Peninsula (known as the " u .P. " locally) as the eastern reach o f o ur " territory." After all, the likes o f Santa F e, N orth Western and Soo Line operate east o f the Mississippi and we want t o cover all their operations. We also plan to cover the new Midwest regionals and field a column for the Illinois Central Gulf. - JIM W ALKER /MIKE S CHAFER

1987 I NTERURBAN P RESS Mac Sebree, President Jim Walker, Vice-President

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