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1 . E lectric L ines O utside C hicago H ere's t he f irst o f a s eries b y B ill W arrick a nd W alter K eevil u nlocking f or y ou r are c olor f ootage o f t he G reat A ge o f t he M idwest i nterurban! I ndiana R ailroad, I llinois T erminal, S outh B end, S t. L ouis, C randic, W aterloo C edar F alls & N orthern, T win C ities L ines, M ilwaukee, K ansas C ity, D es M oines a nd m ore! Y ou'll l ove t his n ew t raction t ime m achine!
FE300V or B, 30 min _

A N EW FACE FOR CASEY O hio D epends o n t he Rails This one's a b it o ffbeat , w ith excellent f ootage o f t he New York Central's experimental Xplorer l ightweight passenger train, used as a backdrop f or telling w hat the rails have done f or Ohio (mid-1950sl. Included: NKP piggybacks, NYC Railfan, lots o f Erie F-unit runbys and a selection on how the Nickel Plate CTC dispatcher runs his railroad. F R533vor B, 2 7min _ . . , . ... ......... ... . . .. ... ........ $ 29.95
This n ew c ombo of F R502 Big Trains a Rolling, F R504 M ainline USA a nd F R512 2 25 ,OOO -Mile Proving G round r uns 6 2 m inutes a nd is a glorious w rapup of 1 950s' s team a nd f irst-generation d iesel p rogress . A nd you g et to s ave n early $ 75! FR532V o r B, 6 2:30min . .. ...... .... . . . ........... . .. ........ ... ..... . $39.95

________ . ....... . .$39.95

B uilding t he S tate SI. S ubway It's 1 941 a nd C hicago is fin ally g etting its l ongsought s ubway. We s ee s treetcar shoofly o peration a s t he s treets a re t orn u p , d igging b elow , t he m uck t rains, b uilding t he s tations a nd finally t he t ra ins roll! A fine p iece of b /w v intage t ractioniana, from t he a rchives of Bill Warrick. F E260Vor B .I9 m in . . .. .. ... . .. . . ............. . $24.95

Mounta in r a ilroa ding-1987! From t h e tunnels of t he F ron t R ang e to the Ski Tr ai n, fr om the Ze ph yr to t he Roya l Gorg e, ther e's only o ne D&RGW a nd th is c onte mp ora ry footag e p ut s you there !

FR709V o r 8, 9 0min . .. . ... . . . . . ..... .. ... .. ..... .. . $ 59.95

SLIM PRINCESS SP's O wens V alley N arrow G auge Beyond Death Valley ran Espee's Keeler-Laws branch - the legendary narrow-gauge " Slim Princess." In 1954 Chad O'Connor t ook his c olor camera f or an indepth look, and this f oo tage is a t last available in video! You'll r ide steam loco No . 9, switch t he talc mine, and revel in spectacular California scenery. Fully narrated , n ot t o be missed . F R022Vor B, 1 0mins . . . .. " . .... ... .... $ 19.95

BEST OF 1 986 Highlights: SP 4449 t o Hollywood, GP-60 Demonstrators on t he Santa Fe, ATSF Museum Special f rom A lbuquerque t o Sacramento, ATSF 3751 r estoration , CN, CP, Donner Pass , Chicago & North western's office train roams t he W est-and a visit t o Chicago. FR708V o r B, 1 20 m in . . .... . .... . $ 59.95

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