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service out o f L a Grande, Ore., over the Blue Mountains. . . U P system timetable No . 5 was issued effective April 5 with t he c hangeover to D aylight S avings Times. T he booklet features a yellow cover.

per week at 8 p.m. The daytime turn to F t. S mith works Monday-Friday and rates four units due to the grades. Prior to sale, BN had installed a considerable amount o f good welded rail on the line. The track appears to still be in good condition . (John Arbuckle)

products) and the City o f M elbourne (urging tourists to come to their city). S econd M ilan C ar Arrives T he newest historic streetcar, Milan Interurban No . 96, arrived in San F rancisco Tuesday, March 10. T his heavy double-end suburban car, built in 1928 , has been in storage for a few years, so it will need some clean-up work and paint before it can enter service. Thanks t o D avid Pharr for his contribution to this column .



A rkansas & Missouri U pdate T he Arkansas & Missouri is headquartered at Springdale, Ark. A recent (late April) visit to the A&M revealed an interesting assortment of units at Springdale, not all o f them serviceable. Recent acquisitions o f C420s from both Guilford and CSX (Family Lines) have bolstered the road's all-Aleo roster. A&M power includes T6 16, RSI 22, RS 11 42 and C420s 52 and 54 . Sister units 12 and 14 switch at Ft. Smith, Ark. Guilford (ex-D&H) C420 units include 410413, 417, 420 and 422 (420 is in Guilford paint; all the others are in D &H colors). Ex-L&N units are 1324, 1353, 1354 and 1366. T he 1353 was being prepared for painting. Sister unit 1331 was being stripped o f usable parts and likely will be scrapped. Some o f the recently acquired C420s are already serviceable; others will be added to the operational list as they can be worked through the shops . Springdale is the hub of operations, with the Springdale road-switcher, the night job to the BN connection at Monnett, Mo. , and the Ft. Smith t urn all working out o f there. The road-switcher goes to work at 8 a.m. Monday-Saturday. T he night job goes on-duty seven nights


S teve Morgan
T he proposal for a vintage streetcar service on the abandoned Southern Pacific tracks to Lake Oswego continues to ad vance steadily. Officials o f L ake Oswego and Portland have expressed support for the idea , and Portland transportation planners have been studying the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society's proposal to operate the service. I t remains to be seen how much financial support the governments will be willing to contribute if they approve the operation. Most of the possible costs projected by earlier plans have been eliminated by scaling back the proposed frequency o f operation to weekends a nd h oliday s o nl y ( except f or charters), low enough for almost all operation and maintenance to be handled by volunteer labor. Public hearings on the proposal were scheduled for April 15 and 16. F or those unfamiliar with it, this project is a second vintage trolley project, completely separate from the operation planned for the light-rail tracks in downtown Portland. This proposal, in which the cars would initially be powered by a generator trailer over the scenic, six-mile line, was described in detail in April P RN. I f approved, the service would begin on July 4, the 100th anniversary o f the line, and run through November 1. T he proposal calls for five round trips per day, w ith d epartures f rom P ortland (Moody Ave. ) every 90 m inutes, starting at 10 a .m . I f O ERHS negotiations for a second c ar (in a ddition to P ortland " Council Crest" Brill No . 503 , the only car committed so far) are successful , the frequency would be doubled. M AX T icket M achines Visitors to P ortland during the early

D on J ewell
T rolley Festival Roster T he following streetcars are scheduled to operate on a regular basis in this year's Summer Historic Trolley Festival:
C ITY/ N UMBER S.F. M uni S.F. M uni S.F. M uni Blackpool Hamburg Hiroshima Melbourne Milan Orel St. L ouis T YPE
I 130 1006 228 3557 578 496 1834 106 1704

double-end double -e nd pee double-end singleend double-end singleend double-end s ingle-end pee

B UILT 191 2 1914 1948 1934 (England) 1954 (Germany) 192 8 (Japan) 192 8 (Aus tr alia) 1928 ( Italy) 1922 ( Ru ss ia) 1946

of th e

OverlOOO Titles Always In S tock!

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M ilepost 1 and the State Railroad M useum are open 7 days a week 10 AM . 5 PM P HONE O RDERS (916) 4479665 VISA/MC



Two additional cars will be held as spares at Geneva Car House: Oporto (Portugal) 189, built in 1929, and M UNI 1040, PCC built in 1952 . The somewhat fragile Market Street Railway 578 will only be used on special occasions due to its age (built in 1895 ). Marmon-Herrington trolley coach 776 will also make several appearances on Market Street during the Festival, operating in regular service on the 8-Market Line. The Trolley Festival runs Monday t hrough S aturday t his y ear, f rom 10 :30 a.m. to 6 p .m . The cars are scheduled on a lO-minute headway with seven cars in service at a time. All cars operate over the full Festival route from the Transbay Terminal to Castro and Market streets. Melbourne car 496 was used on Market Street for the Australian promotion from March 23 to April 3, not car 586 as previously reported . The Melbourne car ran weekdays during this period as a shuttle between Transbay Terminal and 11th Street. The sponsors of this service were a department store (promoting Australian

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