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38-seat lounge, with two roomettes. Retired by G N successor Burlington N orthern in 1971, it was sold to G rant Supply Co. o f H ouston . More recently it was used b ehind S P 4449 in Daylight livery, both on the New Orleans World's Fair D aylight t rip and in the movie Tough G uys.-Chip Sherman F leet O verhaul B egins T he first three Roaring F ork cars were delivered to the new D enver Railway Car Company o n M arch 20, 1987. T hey are former Illinois C entral V ista-Dome coach 2201, Alaska Railroad diner 4842 and B urlington N orthern b aggage c ar 976183. Located i n t he old General Iron Works C ompany along the Joint Line south o f D enver, t he 50,000-square-foot facility has two indoor tracks and overhead cranes.
N ewest unit for S outhwest P ortland C ement's V ictorville, Calif., p lant is G P20 4 14. T he u nit, formerly BN 2 053, is a n unpowered slug. It is s een h ere a t S anta Fe's Barstow yard on March 1 7, 1 987. - MARK A . DENIS

U P S tarts N ationwide Rail/Truck Network
A new Union Pacific Freight Services/ LTL (U PFS / LTL ) began in April in cooperation with 11 regional truck lines in 11 d ifferent states. I t will allow regional t rucking firms to complete in long-distance, less-than-truckload markets. F or e xample, a regional trucking firm in Illinois normally would not participate in California-bound traffic . As p art o f the U PFS / LTL n etwork, the firm 's freight is loaded into a U PFS / LTL c ontainer or trailer. I t is then taken t o t he nearest U PFS / LTL i ntermodal terminal , which would be Chicago i n this example. (The regional carrier's e quipment never has t o leave Illinois .) T he t railerlcontainer travels on one o f U P's e xpedited intermodal (container) trains t o California, w here another U PFS / LTL regional trucker picks u p t he load and makes the local delivery. T his d evelopment continues the trend toward t runk rail line hauls, with " branch l ine" delivery made by highway, phasing o ut m ore and more spurs.

B ackhaul T echnology T esting o n BN
Burlington N orthern 8 00000 ( foreground) is a " dual d imension r ailcar" t itled t he "Beth-All P urpose Demo C ar" by b uilder Bethlehem Steel. It is e quipped with twin walking floors u sed in u nloading g rain-type l oads. It is a lso f itted with roof h atches a nd twin w alkways like a c onventianal hopper. BN 8 00001 ( rear) is i ts t raveling c ompanion, used in d emonstrations. Mounted in o ne h alf of it is a C aterpillar s ix-cylinder d iesel e ngine c oupled to a n e lectrical g enerator. In t he o ther h alf is a h ydraulic pump, driven by two e lectric motors, ~se.d t o power t he twin walking floors ( either singly or t ogether). A t otal o f 14 hydraulic lines c onnect t he t wo cars. T he f irst revenue load for t he c ar w as ground corn, shipped from Minneapolis t o Portland, O re ., w here i t was u nloaded on March 2 3 . T he p air t hen moved t o Longview, Wash., where 8 00000 w as loaded with p aper a t Longview Fibre C o. on March 2 5-destined f ar Longview Fibre in M ilwaukee, Wis. T he p urpose of t he p aper load was t o s ee how t hat t ype o f c argo a ffected t he w alking floor, since p aper c oncentrates more w eight in a s maller a rea. - DAVE KUEHNAST

N apa Valley T rain F inds An I nvestor
T he o peration o f a sightseeing train through C alifornia's N apa Valley, conceived three years ago and often the subject o f c ontroversy, seems t o have the green light again. An eleventh-hour reprieve was granted on the sale o f some 21 miles o f b ranch line by S outhern Pacific to Wine T rain, Inc. I n late March it was announced that Vincent D eDomenico, f ormer o wner o f Golden Grain Macaroni C o., paid more than $5 million for a majority interest in the excursion train company. DeDomenico's family-owned busine ss grew to include Rice-A-Roni, Ghirardelli Chocolate a nd several other products,

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