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Schmidt Quits As S FSP Chief
I n a surprise move on April 19 (Easter Sunday), John J. Schmidt announced his retirement as chairman and chief executive officer o f Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp., the parent firm of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads. Schmidt, 59, said he would " pursue o ther interests o f a consulting and entrepreneurial n ature." His separation from S FSP appears to be complete; a company spokesman emphasized that he would not be consulting for SFSP. T he media speculated Schmidt was forced out by a disgruntled board of directors. Large losses coupled with a turndown o f the Santa Fe-SP merger last summer by the ICC may have brought about his demise. Appointed on a temporary basis as his replacement is J ohn S. Reed, 69, who was Schmidt's predecessor at Santa Fe Industries, which merged in 1983 with Southern Pacific Co. to form S FSP.

I naugural run of t he T exas S outhern finds F7s 1 00 a nd 1 04 s plicing M oPac 8 23-74640 a t S outh A ustin, Texas, on April 2 2 . T he t rain was h eading for S an A ntonio with T exas l egislators a nd o ther i nvited g uests a board. - KEITH THOMPSON

Roaring Fork Railroad Fleet and Line Progress
T he Roaring F ork operation in Colorado will have a Snowmass station. T he stop not only enhances the service R FRR can offer Snowmass visitors, b ut it will allow the down-valley railbus to serve the Snowmass worker via an RFTA interface at the new station; two sites are under consideration.
4 . J ULY 1987

F reshly-painted G P38-2s 9 902 a nd 9 906 show o ff t he new colors o f N ational Railways o f M exico a t M exico C ity on April 5 , 1 987 . T he u nits w ere p ainted for u se on t he EI Nuevo Regiomontano, which was r ecently e xtended to Nuevo Loredo. - CLIFF PRATHER

A ppekunny Mountain
While buying 1940s and 1950s vintage passenger cars last fall, R FRR president Randy P arten discovered ex-GN observation-buffet Appekunny Mounlain. Originally purchased for its parts, further inspection revealed it to be in good working condition, and so the decisioQ was made to invest in it t o bring it up to Amtrak

standards. I t will be the first car owned by Roaring Fork to be placed in active service-it was to be used out o f H ouston, Texas, between March and May , then i t was t o be moved to Denver. T he Appekunny Mounlain wa s built by American Car & F oundry i n 1951 as GN No. 1290, bearing that name . I t is configured as a round-end observation-buffet

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