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July 1987 - Page 3

J uly 1987

N o. 284

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trademarks o f I nterur ban Press, a California Corporation.

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A m ost colorful assembly o f e quipment

P RN contributors


P UBLISHER: Mac Sebree E DITOR: Jim Walker NEWS E DITOR : Dick Stephen so n ASSOCIATE E DITOR: Mike Schafer A RT D IRECTOR: Allen Ambrosini P RODUCTION M ANAGER: Ra y Geyer C ONTRIBUTING A RTIST: J ohn Signor S TAFF: Michael W. Bl aszak, Da vi d R. Busse, P. Allen Copeland, H arre W. D emoro, R. C. Farewell, Thomas Higgins, Herb Horton, Don Jewell , Ken Meeker, Steve Morgan , Brian Norden, Clifford P rather, Karl Rasmussen, John A. Ru shton, Jim Sea l, J oe Strapac, Charles Vercelli. ( USPS 862840) is published monthly by I nterurban P ress (a corporation), 121 2 South Brand Blvd. , Glendale, CA 91204. Second-class po stage paid at Glendale, CA 91209 and additional offices. P OSTMASTER : Send ad dress changes to: PA CIF IC RAILN EWS, P.O . Box 6128 , Glendale, CA 91205. ISSN 87508486 .
P I lc m c R rllLN II"S

C ontrasts i n Columbia . ............ D avid R . Busse 10
K aty's Columbia branch in central Missouri

D arrington Branch Revisited . ........
An e x-NP logging line

A lbert Farrow


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COVER: Katy's only rood freight into St. Louis trundles onto the Missouri River bridge south of West Alton, Mo ., in May 1 980. Katy shored track with Burlington Northern from W est Alton to St. Louis, but MKT rood freights have since been diverted to the Missouri Pacific between Sedalia and St. Louis. For a v ignette of Katy history in central Missouri, see pages 1 0-16 for a trip up t he unremarked Columbia branch.




Jim Walker,

Mac Sebree, P resident Vice-President


he investment in Operation Lifesaver by many entities is in hopes that it will educate everyone on grade-crossing safety. We railfans get a real treat when a veritable rainbow o f locomotives and cars are fielded for the educational t rains-we s hould also keep in mind the underlying purpose o f the move . Making end runs around gates or otherwise ignoring flashers which warn o f the approach of t rains-these are the bad (and often fatal) habits that are being attacked by Operation Lifesaver. T he o ther night I heard the statistic that Amtrak's total budget would r un the Pentagon for less than a day! Who is screaming about the subsidies lavished on airports and highways? - JIM W ALKER



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