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March 1988 - Page 36

S hortline and Industrial News

R ail passenger ticket sales on BC Rail have increased by 50 percent since 1983 (the year the province began to subsidize passenger service). From late June until Labor Day 1 9 8 8 , BC Rail will run daily service between North Vancouver and Prince George. BC Rail has targeted American markets for its train service, expecially tour groups from "the States . " "Bullet Nose Betty" N o . 6060 has re ceived extensive work on its wheels, and they are now back under the engine. Modifications are being done on its oil burning system at the BC Rail shops in North Vancouver. This locomotive is an ex-CN 4-8-2 Mountain-type Locomotive built by MLW in 1 944-Class U- l -g . BC Rail's main line was blocked for several days as the result of a 1 6-car de railment on Oct. 30. Four of the cars plunged 30 meters off a bridge into the Cheakamus River. The cars were loaded with sulphur and burned all night before rail crews could put the fire out. The Canadian Federal Government is reportedly ready to provide C$6 million to rehabilitate a shorter grain route from the Peace River District to West Coast ports. This will allow farmers in this area to ship grain through BC Rail's Dawson Creek connection and will provide them with a shorter route to Prince Rupert and Vancouver. Alco-built C425 ex-EL No. 807 has been retired due to an electrical cabinet fire. Her main generator will be salvaged to keep other C425s going. A speeder complex will be built in Pemberton, B . C . , complete with buildings, electrical facilities and plumbing! BC Rail RDCs grace the cover of the winter 1 987 edition of BEAUTIFUL B . C . magazine. Inside there is a feature article about the ride from North Vancouver to Prince George, with several striking pho tographs.

p assenger cars were purchased from VIA for either resale or company use: C lub: 6 63-Club de la Garrison, 6 65-HamillOn Club. D iner: 1 370. C oach: 5 309. Six Section/Six Roomette/Four Double Bedroom Sleepers: 1 1 90-Green Gables, 1 I 9 2-Greendale, 1 1 94-Greenhursl a nd 1 1 95 -Greenwald. T en Roomette/Six Double-Bedroom Sleepers: 2 083-Ri

treal Ville S t . Pierre shops were GM FP9A 65 1 4 and MLW FPA4s 6769 , 6778 , 678 5 , 679 1 , FPB4s 6866, 6868 , 6869 and 6870. Stored at nearby Pointe S t . Charles were MLW FPA4 6784 and FPB4 686 5 . T h e M LW units are reportedly for sale for C$ 1 4,000 eac h . V I A h a s a c q u i re d E M D S W I 0 00 switchers 200-203 (ex- 1 I 5 - 1 1 8) from In land S teel at East Chicago, I ll . , for use at Mimico (Toronto) and Montreal mainte nance centers. This will allow VIA to re turn to CN leased SW900s 7942 and 7943. A n e w s p a p e r r e l e a s e D e c . 1 2 an nounced that VIA will spend C$63 mil lion to buy 26 new diesel units from GM Canada Ltd . , most likely F59PHs, suc cessor to the well-known F40PH. FPA4 6779 on train 2 hit a truck and derailed Sept. 1 8 at a crossing at Ashton, Ontario, milepost 2 3 ofCP Carleton Place Sub. The unit was interchanged back to CN via Parsley in Montreal Sept. 2 3 , its pilot missing, bound for VIA's repair fa cilities. N ovember 22 saw O t tawa-Toronto train 45 with an LRC unit failure at Smiths Falls, Ontario. The rescue unit turned out to be a rebuilt CP R S I 8 , be lieved to be the 1 809. RDC l 6 1 34 left Victoria Oct. 30 en route to Wellcox for transfer to Vancou ver, for forwarding to Toronto for instal lation of an event recorder. In an abrupt change of plans, the unit was removed from CP freight train 404 at Medicine Hat, Alberta, and returned to its Vancou ver Island (Esquimalt & Nanaimo Rail way) territory. Another RDC move has put all six VIA RDC9s, 600 1 -6006, into storage at Cedars, near Montreal, along with retired RDC4 640 1 .
R olling Stock

viere R ouge, 2090-Srnoky River, 2 1 3 1 Grand Codroy R iver, 2 1 33-Ecum Secum R iver. Club Lounge : 2 323-Sans Souci, 2 324- Vogue.
More F40PHs Delivered

T he latest batch of F40PH units, 64206429 , have all been delivered; the first five-6424, 6420, 6422 , 642 1 and 6423moved light London to Mimico via CN on Sept . 1 ; 6425 followed later by itself. Delivery was concluded by a repeat light engine move of 6426, 642 7 , 6428 and 6429 Sept . 30. While it was first thought the newcomers would remain in the east ern Windsor-Sarnia-Toron to-Montreal corridor, they have been showing up oc casionally as lead u n i t s on trans continental trains 1 and 2 , the Canadian, o perating through to Vancouver. The F40PH units have not been used yet on trains 3 and 4 , Super C01!linelllal via Edmonton, nor on trains 5 and 6, Skeena (Edmonton-Prince Rupert), except on Dec . 4. That day, eastward No. 4 left Jasper at 1 : 20 p . m . , with F40PH/F9B combo 6407/6634 and No. 6 coupled on behind with FP9A 6307 (idling) and SGU 1 5404; the ten-car train arrived Edmon ton 6 : 3 0 p . m . W i t h N o . 6 c u t off, 6407/6634 continued on from Edmonton with six cars, leaving 7 : 5 5 p . m . , arriving B iggar, Saskatchewan 1 2 : 1 5 a . m . on Dec. 5 , with about a third of the Edmon ton-Winnipeg miles behind them.
Four Alcos To Napa


J ohn Rushon
C ar Sale Correction

F irst, a correction is in order regarding the sale of V I A passenger cars to a firm reported in P RN 2 88 to be Mid-Ameri can Railcar Services, led by Les Kastin. The gentleman is in fact Les Kasten of Kasten Railcar Services located in Edwardsville, Ill. T h e following ex-CN
36 . MARCH 1988

VIA sold four FPA4 units in August to the Napa Valley Railroad , the same firm which bought D&RGW (ex-NP) Ski Train cars. The California-bound quartet was 6760, 677 5 , 6787 and 6790 which will work with the venerable coaches in tour ist train service. To replace the ex-NP cars, D&RGW in turn bought from VIA 18 Tempo c ars which had been in storage for some time: club cars 32 1 -32 3 , cafe bar-lounges 340-344, cafe-coaches 3 5 0 , 3 5 1 , 3 5 3 , 3 5 5 and coaches 362 , 366 , 37 1 , 3 7 3 , 3 7 5 ; one more coach is to follow. VIA is still using four T empo cars in week end Toronto-Sarnia service (cafe-coaches 352 and 354 and coaches 370 and 372), but expects to retire them early in 1 98 8 when nine of t h e t e n LRC coaches which were leased to Amtrak 1980- 1 982 have been refurbished from their long-term storage and are placed in Toronto-Chica go service to alternate with A m trak equipment on that service.
O ther Locomotive Notes

S tored as of mid-November in Mon-

V IA is planning to refit 17 baggage cars by installing self-service take-ou t food counters in a 30-foot rebuilt section in the back of each car, which will then be used on the Canadian between Toronto and Vancouver, the S uper COlllinelllal between Winnipeg and Vancouver via Edmonton, and the S keena b etween Edmonton and Prince Ruper t . Included in the program are all 14 remaining ex-CP stainless-steel 600-series baggage cars, which were ori ginally built as baggage-dormitory cars. Two other ex-CP stainless steel cars coach 1 04 and 14304 Aylmer Manor, t he latter the sleeper which burned in Toron to Jan. 1 8 , 1 98 7-are to be the test cars for a two-year VIA head-end power con version program, with work to be done at Ville S t . Pierre in Montreal. If success ful , the tests will lead to con version of all the remaining 1 5 5 ex-CP stainless steel Budd-built cars and up to 3 5 ex-CN smooth side cars to head-end power. As CP has no immediate plans to re build a collapsed bridge at milepost 1 6 6 . 8 o f t h e Trois Rivieres Sub in Quebec, V I A h a s reduced Montreal-Trois Rivieres

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