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. . the mere mention of the name brings forth railroad images larger than life. It wasn't just tracks and trains.It wasn't just an Indiana institution-though it . certainly was that. Oh. my, no. What the Monon was ...well, it was every American railroad. every American hometown. every American underdog rolled into one. Why. the Monon was practically human. Its birth was a cause for. rejoicing. its operation a source of Hoosier pride. And when it died. a thousand legends lived on. Now, legend and fact are woven together in a brand-new, finely crafted illustrated history of the Monon. We take you from beginning to merger into the L&N. from Louisville to French Lick to Indianapolis to Michigan City to Chicago . . from Hoosierland to hotshot. from 4-4-0 to Century 420. We're proud to announce the creation of Monon-The Hoosier Line by Gary and Stephen Dolzall. This book is in production and will be published by Interurban Press in the Fall of 1987. I ts 'ed


Roaring Fork Railroad Begins Private Car Service.
We offer three levels of service: First class, Vistadome and coach starting as low as



Denver to Glenwood Springs. Ticket price includes open bar and fine dining in our VistaDiner. Our route over the Continental Divide includes the famous tun nel district and its spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain wilderness.

Departs Denver every Saturday throu gh March for Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction and Salt Lake City. Returns each Sunday. CaD (303) 893-8922 collect for reservations and information.

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