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The Last of the Great Stations

50 Year Anniversary
FROM WE DNES DAY, May 3 to Friday, May 5,1939, Los Angeles staged one of the biggest extravaganzas in its history to celebrate the opening of its new Union Station. The festivities began with a parade down Alameda Street. More than half a million people showed up for the parade, and many of them were so unchecked in their enthusiasm that it took police 40 minutes to clear them from the street so the parade could proceed. Los Angeles had campaigned long and hard for this station, and it was determined that its opening would not go by without a proud roar. The city, after all, had acquired the status of a major city in a remarkably shon time, and was therefore especially eager to possess the kind of railroad gateway that had become an estab lished feature of older cities of similar size. Although the structure that resulted was considerably less imposing than many of its predecessors, it nevertheless was conceived with an eye to opulence, and owed its more modest proportions to the style of architecture wished upon it by the city fathers who then, unlike today, regarded their city as primarily a center of tourism. For this reason, they wanted a station that would express the region's more marketable characteristics including its Spanish heritage, its year-round climate and, above all, its mystique. The irony is that by the time the station became a reality, there were already individuals speculating that this train station might be the last of its kind to be built in America. It was. Now, on the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the station, Inter urban Press has prepared an updated and enlarged edition of its highly acclaimed book, The Last

Californians ordering directly add 6/6112% sales tax.

ofthe Great Stations.

It's a must

for all fans of railroads, railroad station architecture, and Southern California; covering predecessor stations, the battle for the station, opening day, subsequent activity and decline, new hope under Amtrak, and a new day dawning with Metro Rail construction. 120 Pages, 135 Photos, llx81h" Softcover, Maps, Timetables, Track Plans, Diagrams. Exceptional Photography throughout. By Bill Bradiey. Bon . . . ISBN 0-916374-84-X ... (May) .. . $2 plh .
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