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True-Track'" Starter Set
Item# 488


Jim McBride 4 months

)I l

H O Code 1 00 S o"pTm,k" 51",", 5" 'rem# 88

B rand new to model railroading, Jim started with Atlas True-Track. True-Track features Atlas HO code 83 Snap-Track with prototypical brown ties and nickel silver rail, snapped into gray plastic roadbed which gives Jim a look of realism without complications. It can even be used on carpet, or painted to look weathered. Due to its realistic appearance and ease-of-use, True-Track has found its way onto many beginner and intermediate modelers' railroads. And when Jim decides that he is ready to work on ballasting his track, he can snap the roadbed off, and will still have premium code 83 track to continue his layouts with.


pieces can be used to create hundreds of different layouts, includ ing 36 Atlas designed and tested ones that can be found in the A tlas Fantastic Layout Booklet. K aren wouldn't give up her Atlas Super-Flex track or Snap-Track for anything ... Except maybe more Atlas track!

expenence Karen likes Atlas code 1 00 track because its reputation for quality and reliability is unsurpassed. She knows that Atlas' code 1 00 line has been on top for almost 5 0 years, and that the versatility of the

Karen Somers 6 ye.ars

H O C ode 8 3 Snap-Track'" Starter Set Item# 588

No matter who yo u a re or where yo u a re, Atlas m a kes s u re ...

Patrick Thomas 78 yars

You're on the Right Trackl
Atlas Code 8 3, True-Track, Code 1 00 track, For more information and a complete listing of or all three, please write to :

A veteran model railroader, Patrick knows his way around layouts. In completing his masterpiece, no detail can be overlooked, right down to the most prototypical looking track on the market today. That's why Patrick uses Atlas code 83 track with premium nickel sil ver rail and fine brown ties. And now the Atlas code 83 line has enough pieces to make many different layouts, with even more pieces scheduled to be released soon. Patrick appreciates code 83's fine look, along with the quality and affordability that makes Atlas the first name in track ... worldwide!
The names Jim McBride, Koren Somers and Patrick Thomas are fictitious and in are no way meant to resemble any personal.



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