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November 1994 - Page 34

W HAT ' S N EW . . . I N H O

Bachmann ha d pre-production models of its GE Dash 8-40CW on display. The model is d u e a t y o u r d ea l e r by Christma s. An SD45 will be next.

Accura il is producing a 55-ton USRA steel hopper with a one-piece in jection molded pla stic body. It will be offered in a va riety of road names. See your deal er.

The Ra ilwa y Express 6100 series and Atla ntic Coast LIne 3000 series welded steel express reefers a re the latest S unshine Models relea ses. These HO kits come with deca ls for the three REA schemes used between 1947 a nd 1960 a nd the 1947-60 ACL pa int scheme. The kit includes the high speed A B brake system unique to the ca rs. A Prototype Da ta S heet a nd full instructions a re included. Kits sell for $36. Plastic trucks with meta l wheel sets a re a va ilable sepa rately. Any of the four kits ca n be obta ined from Sunshine Models, Box 4997, Springfield, MO 65808. Include $3 for shipping up to five kits in the U. S. a nd $5. 60 for two kits to Ca na da .

Red Ca b o ose, P. O. Box 2490, L ongmont, CO 80502, is now shipping this in jection molded pla stic k it to build 10, 000- ga l/on Type 1 03 W ta nk ca r s . T h e m o d el i s $ 1 3 . 95 with trucks in UTLX, SHPX, D u pont, T e xa co, Conoco, Shell, Standard Oil, Dow or Gulf markings.



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