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Volume 6, Number 5

All Scales:
Techniques: 17 Your Top Tips, Readers "Better Ideas" for modeling 54 Experience - At Your Fingertips,more of what's in this issue from previous articles Operations: 18
The Branchline at Ragan Interlocking

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HO Scale:
Freight Cars:
4 23. 33 35 49 P FE 40-foot R-40-23 Reefers from Intermountain's new kit CF4650 Three-Bay ACF Center Flow Covered Hoppers from McKean kits Santa Fe CF4600 Covered Hopper from Accurail's kit Soo Line 60-Foot Flat Car from MDC's kit

On the Cover: You can model
almost any of "Today's Die sels" using Athearn chassis with bodies from Rail Power Products, handrails from Rai I Delail Products and a few detail castings from Details West or Detail Associates. The article on page 39 shows you every step in the process - it really is about as easy as assembling a stock Athearn diesel. Prototype photo, circa 1993. near Dun woody, Georgia, by Scott Chatfield; model photo by Robert Schleicher.

Techniques: Four-Wheel Caboose Kit-Conversion from Bachmann 13 and Con-Cor kits 50-foot EJ&E Composite Gondola from AHM/Model 21 Power models Assembling a SD60M from Athearn,Rail Power 39 PrOducts, Rail Detail Products, Details West and Kadee parts Kadee couplers for Rail Power Products/Athearn 48 locomotives Diesels, One-Detail-At-A-Time: 36 EMD SD60M as UP 6259 Locomotive Performance: Spectrum Pennsylvania RR K-4 4-6-2 Test Report 50 Summary of All Previous Locomotive Test Reports 52

N Scale:
Techniques: PFE 40-foot R-40-23 Reefers from Intermountain's 4 new kit Micro-Trains Couplers for Bachmann Four-Wheel Cabooses II Four-Wheel Caboose Kit-Conversion from Bachmann and Micro-Trains parts 13 Upgrading Micro-Trains 40-foot Box Cars 38 Freight Cars: CF4650 Three-Bay ACF Center Flow Covered Hoppers from Micro-Trains models 23,33 Layout Tour: John Lassahn's Penn Central Railroad 28

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Locomotive Performance: Summary of All Previous Locomotive Test Reports

S Scale:
Freight Cars:
23 & 33 CF4650 Three-Bay ACF Center Flow Covered Hoppers from Pacific Rail Shops kits

o Scale:
Freight Cars: PFE 40-foot R-40-23 Reefers from Intermountain's kit 4 Diesels, One-Detail-AI-A-Time: EMD SD60M as UP 6259 36 Locomotive Performance: Summary of All Previous Locomotive Test Reports 52

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