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Puhlisher: Larry Bell Editol-: Robert Schleicher Regular Contributors:
Louis A. Marrc_ Diesels Jim Eage r. Today's Modeling Todd Sullivan. (c. 1960-1969) Modeling .Iohn Nehrich (c. 1945-1959)Modeling Richard Hendrickson. (c. 1940-1949)

Robert Higgins. Model Locomotives Doug Gurin (Layout Design SIG Layout Design Rick Brendel. Electronics


Modeling Hood, Canadian Modeling

Volume 5, Number 12

All Scales:
4 CP Rail Repair Tcrminal Your "Top Tips." Readers' "Better Ideas" For Modcling Conrail Extra Detouring On The Grccn Mountain Railroad. Bartonsvillc. Vcrmont. Septcmbcr 25. 1990

1-1 27

Art DireetOl-: Rick Hennigar Graphic Design: Stuart Lcuthncr Circulation Dil-eetnl-: Sherri Patterson Phone: (303) 296 -1600 Fax: (303) 295-2159
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Time Capsule:

HO Scale:
4 Kit C(lnvcrsion: Truck Terminal Frolll PikestulT Kit Parts SUllllllary or All Prcvious Locolllotive Test Rcports MDC/Roundhousc Also RS3 Diesel Test Report

Locomotive Performance:
II 12


Opaloney's 1-10 scale Christol11

Freight Cal-s:
Morc Prototypcs For Eastcrn Car Works Two-Bay 16 Covcred Hopper Kits CF600 Thrcc-Bay Ccnter Flow Covered Hoppers 36 Frolll Accurail's Kit

day railroading on a Santa Fe out begins on page 30. operator. A tour of Tom's lay branchline sold to a short line

& Clarendon duplicates modern



T om

i he act of

mailing thc

Diesel, Onc-Detail-At-A-Time:
14 25 30 Alco RS3 as D&H 4085 Union Paeiric EMD SD45 From Athearn and Rail Powcr Products Kits TOI11 Opaloncy's Christolll & Clarendon Railroad Feed Mill. From Walthcr's Kit



Kaolin Tank Cars Frolll Walthcrs and Atlas Modcls Pcnnsylvania RR Class H22A Hoppers Frolll Bowser's Kit


note that the procedurcs and matc

Diesel Modeling Layout TOlll-: Industry:

rials contained in the various articlcs in this mag azinc arc prcsented in good faith but that no war ranty is givcn and no rcsults guaranteed from any usc of this matcrial. Nor is any freedom from othcr patent or copyright implied. Sincc therc is no way for us to control thc application of matcri al presented in this magazinc. Golucn Bcll Press and the rcspective editors. authors. photographcrs anu illustrators disclaim any liability for untoward results and/or for any physical injury that may bc incurred by using any of the material published in this magazine.

N Scale:
Locomotive Pel'formance:
II 14 SUl11mary Of All Prcvious Locolllotive Reports A lso RS3 as D&H 4085 More Prototypes For Loco-Motive's TlVo-Bay Covered Hoppcr Kits BodY-l11ounting Couplcrs on Micro-Trains Flat Cars And Gondolas Silllulating Wood Dccks On Atlas, Con-Cor and Micro-Trains Flat Cars f'ecd Mill, Scratchbuilt By Tom Fettcrs

Diesel, One Detail-At-A-Time: FI-eight Cars:

Advertising Director:

Robcrt Bickley

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28 36 w ill

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o Scale:
Locomntivt' Performance:
II 14 SUlllmary Of All Previous Locolllotivc Reports Also RS3 as D&H

Diesel, One Dctail-At-A-Timc: FI-eight Cal-s:


Morc Prototypes For Loco-Motivc's Two-BitY Covered Hoppcr Kits Body-mounting Couplers on Micro-Trains Flat Cars And Gondolas Silllulating Wood Decks On Atlas. Con-Cor and Micro-Trains FI'lt Cars

Techniques: 36

R ailmodel Joun!al, 2-103

55-57 58

Calcnder Ncw Products cnvcr. Expcriencc- At You Fingertips. An Index or Previous Articlcs CO 802D).



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