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-EMO's S060 Series2Ia
Now available, the fourth book in series of in-depth cover age of diesel locomotive models. This 8.5- x 11-inch, soft-cover book will feature many previously unpublished black-and-white and color photos of 5060, 5060M, 5060F, 50601, and 5060MAC models at work moving freight across North America. Powered by an all-new 710-series power plant, the 5060 series helped EMO regain the momentum needed to compete in today's locomotive tech nology race. From the first 5060 built in 1984 to

Diesel Era's

the final unit assembled in 1995, see many of the 1,146 5060s in action, roster, and detailed views in this highly illustrated volume.

right. Oakway SD60s 9021 and 9051 move coal Train130KK089 through Emerald, Neb., on September 23, 1992. Jim Gitley

EMO's 5060 Series, by Diesel Era, 136 pages, 250+ color and black and-white photos, 8.5" x 11" vertical format on 80# heavyweight PA residents add 6% sales tax stock, four-color cover, perfect bound, retail $29.95 plus $3.50 p&h,

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The Revolutionary FT - EMC's Assault on Mainline
Freight Operations $24.95 Generation $24.95
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$3.50 p&h

528 Dunkle School Road Halifax, PA 17032


GE's Dash 8 - C Series: The Diesel Era's Third

$3.50 p&h

(717) 896-3173

EMD's GP30 - Classic Style: The Original Operators

Withers Publishing and John covered. Each book contains


Diesel Locomotive Pictorial
Hahn, Jr., are proud to present a series of softcover books covering the diesel fleet of the Pennsylvania

Railroad. Each book pictorially covers a specific group of locomotives and includes a complete roster and specifications to match the models




pages with more than 125 high-quality black-and-white photographs. The four-color laminated cover

features an original painting, specially commissioned for this series.

Volume One - ALeo RS series PRR's ALCo RS models - the RS-1, RS-2, RS-3, RS-11, RSD-5,
RSD-7, RSD-12, and RSD-15 - are covered in this first volume. 60

pages plus cover, 130+ b&w photographs, B

format, four-color cover, softbound, retail 514.95


x 1 1 vertical

V olume Two - Baldwin Switchers & Road Switche rs
PRR's large Baldwin fleet o f VOs; DS4-4-660s, 750s, and 1000s; SoBs and S-12s; DRS4-4-1000s; RS-12s; and AS-616s are covered in this second volume. BO pages plus covel', 150+ b&w photographs, B
1 1 vertical format, four-color covel', softbound, retail 516.95



Volume Three - Second-Generation EMD Road Switchers
PRR entered dieselization's second generation with the purchase of four-axle EMD GP30s in 1963. After acquiring GP35s the following year, the

carrier made the switch to six-axle locomotives in 1965, buying SD35s, SD40s, and finally SD45s before merging with New York Central. BO pages plus cover, 150+ b&w photographs, B

Y, x 11 vertical format, four-color cover,

softbound, retail 516.95. Available soon.

Available from Withers Publishing 528 Dunkle School Road Halifax, Pa., 17032 717.896.3173
Add 52.50 p&h for each book ordered'

residents add 6% sales tax

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