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June 1995

No. 379


C&NW Remembered
A scrapbook of memories, paying homage to Chicago & North Western as it disappears into the Union Pacific after 1 3 6 years as an independent carrier.


A Boy on a Bike Mike Blaszak Wisconsin Glory Days William D. Middleton Riding North Western Rails Jim Scribbins Commuters: The 1950s Turnaround William D. Middleton The Very Best Way to Go Mike Abalos Barnstorming Richard Gruber The Baraboo Agent John Gruber Powder River: The Final Frontier Mike Abalos Kate Shelley Memories Don Gulbrandsen The Alco Line Steve Glischinski

Sean Graham-White

The Spine Line Steve Glischinski English Stagecoach Yellow Ted Rose A Wisconsin Jewel Jen Hampton The Siren Song of the North Bob Baker Of Gold and Cowboys Rick W. Mills


The Oelwein Shops Paul Swanson

C&NW Images
A gallery of everything North Westem-the locomotives and landmarks that endeared one of Ametica's most unique railroads to generations of photographers


Contributing photographers
John Gruber

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5 PRN Letters

Wisconsin River near Merrimac, Wis., Aug. 1 9, 1 984.

LB1: Classic North western steamer 1 385 crosses the
COVER: Gpangep, a w atercolor by noted artist Ted Rose, recalls the North Western as a railroad of Geeps and grain elevators and farm country branch lines.

ABOVE: Sign of the times on C&NW: GP38-2 No. 4809.

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