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Newark, Louisville, Baltimore and San Francis co itself. Some cities have more than one car. In addition , three of Muni's 1 948 double end "Torpedo" PCCs have become a part of the fleet, two of them carrying Muni liveries and one painted in the green-and-cream of the I l l i nois Term ina l , w h i c h had s i m i l a r c a r s . From t i m e to t i m e , the F l i n e w i l l see other types of historic cars from the heritage fleet , such as an ex-Milan Peter Witt a n d t h e Muni's original 1 9 1 2 car, o. 1 . In regular service, cars run from 6 a.m. to midnight on the 3 . 5-mile route. Judging by first week operations, schedule-keeping will be d i fficult. Severe service gaps were noted at various times of the day, followed by parades of up to four cars. Part of the problem is that Market Street is congested with cars and trucks. And in a des perate effort to save money, the Muni unwisely retired much of its supervisory staff and there is often nobody to unsnarl schedule foul-ups. In an adminish'ative miscue, Muni was un able to "abandon" the 8-Market trolley-coach service, which the F line is supposed to re place. So until at least t h e end of the year, Market Street has both types of service. De spite the erratic schedule, customers seemed to want to wait for a "new" streetcar, so most buses had few passengers.

James A. Speaker

The Los Angeles Green Line at Norwalk station, seen on the lirst day 01 operation, Aug. 1 2, 1 995. The Green line is L.A:s second light rail line; the L.A. -Long Beach Blue Line opened in 1 990.

SAN FRANCISCO Kodachrome PCCs Down Market Street
E nding years of anxious delay, the historic F Market streetcar line kicked off with a parade of Muni 's rebuilt PCC cars and historic trol leys on Sept. 1 . After speeches and much bell c langing, Mayor Frank Jordan cut a ribbon and cavalcade was under way. Billed as San Francisco's first new streetcar line in 60 years, the F line builds on five success ful summers of the San Francisco Historic Trol ley Festival back in 1 983-87, a joint effort of the Muni and the non-profit Market Street Railway.

In fits and starts, the Muni ripped out old tracks on Market Street from First Street to Duboce and built an entirely new infrastruc ture, including overhead wires. The tracks now continue west of Duboce on Market to Castro, wit h cars looping via oe and 1 7t h . Downtown, t h e cars loop next t o t h e Transbay Transit Terminal at First & M ission streets. The glittering stars of the show are the 1 4 former Philadelphia PCC cars purchased and rehabilitated by Morrison-Knudsen for F-line service. Each is brightly painted in the livery of a U . S. city that once operated PCCs. Repre sented are Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Philadel phia, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston,

SALT LAKE CITY LRY Proposal Rises From the Dead
T hanks, perhap s , to the fact that Salt Lake C i t y w i l l h o s t the 2 0 0 2 W i n t e r O l y m p i c Games, it looks likely that the Wasatch Front will have a 1 5-mile light rail system up and running by then. Four years ago a funding plan for such a line was defeated at the polls, but since the Olympic Games became a part of the equation, political and business support for LRT rose rapidly and on Aug. 2 the federal government approved a ful l funding grant agreement to provide $24 1 million in construction money.

R ogers Pass Pushers

C P Ra i l

An all color, 1 -hour program covering a May, 1 988 visit to CP Rail's Mou ntain Subdivision between Field and Revelstoke, British Columbia. Board the pushers for an unusual trip from Rogers and Albert Canyon, through Connaught Tunnel and past the construction for the west portal of the Mt. Macdonald Tunnel, and join us trackside for parades of heavy freights, with cameo appearances by Via's original Canadian. $ 34.95 + 3 . 5 0 s h i p ping & h andling, ($ U . S . ) PA. Residents add 6% s ales tax.

Tuned to Railroad Band
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