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April 1999 - Page 92

S e t construction a n d photography by Ken Patterson

R eady fo r someth ing com pletely new i n railroadi ng? An accu rate, ready-to-run set? That's bu ilt i n 1 14 " s cale and goes on


t rack?

P utting larger trains in a smaller space is the concept behind Bachmann 's three brand new On30 tra i n sets. Offered i n the Silver Series'" l i ne, these narrow gauge sets run on H O track (per prototype ! ) and are accurate passenger tra i n reproductions in 1 14" s ca l e . This is the /irsl time J /4 " scale models are available at such an ql ordable price. f

C ollectively, each set's locomotive, combine, coach and observation car have earned four N M R A Conformance Warrants through c learance under the boil er, a preci s i on 5 p ole skew-wound can motor ( w i th hardened carbon brushes), numerous metal detai l parts ( i ncluding the headlight mount), a finescale p i l ot, and sprung center axle for superior track i ng performance and electrical pickup. In addition, the short-coupled tender f eatures a hand-tooled coal load, and the ( Warrants 98-69, 98-70, 98-7 1 and 98-72, respectively ) . The locomotive features a completely hidden drive train, see

Jackson & S harp narrow gauge passenger cars a l l feature removable roofs and ful l , painted interi ors with l ighting. The early buzz on these sets has started us p l a n n i ng for the future of On30. I n 1 999, look for new set roadnames, separate sale motive power, separate sale coaches and four styles of fre ight cars. Sound exciting? You bet it is. I t 's Ready, Set, Go for On30.

O n30 three

Sillier Series s ets include a Spec/rum'" 2-6-0 stcam locomotive and tcnder, Spec/I"IIIII'" p asscnger cars, the s n ap-fit nickel silver -Z Track" s ystem, a Spec/rum'" powc, pack, and helpfu l Y HS v ideo with assembly instructions. Won derland E x p ress Colorado

# 2500 1

#25002 #25003


S outhern
B a c h m a n n I nd ustries, I n c .

Pennsylva nia

S hipping Now

S u ggested Retail Price: $ 250.00

1 400 East Erie Avenue Philadel p h i a , PA w ww.bachman

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