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OT SOME FREIGHT TO HAUL? Alco-haul it! With
the Aleo RSC-2 and RS-2 models from Kato.

176-4301 176-4302 176-4303 176-4304 176-4305 176-4306 176-4300
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The American Locomotive C ompany produced the

Expected delivery in March/April

244-engine RSC-2 and RS-2 from 1946 to 1950. These dependable road switchers eventually went to work on a number of well-kn own railroads thro ughout North America. This spring, K ATO Precision Railroad Models will release N scale reproductions of these locomotives for you to put to work on your railroad. Our accurately scaled recreat i on of the six-axle RSC-2 and four-axle RS-2 will deliver traditional KATO d etail and craftsman ship to tran sition era N scale modelers around the world. Each model will be equipped with the powerful five-pole KATO motor with dual brass flywheels and our own semi-automatic KATO knuckle coupler. The split metal chassis should be "DCC-friendly," allowing for the easy removal/replacement of the light board for digital control operation. The RSC-2 models will all feature the air-co oled version exhaust stack and friction-bearing journals on the trucks. The stack on the RS-2 models will be replicated as air cooled or water cooled and the truck axle bearings as friction or roller, depending on the roadname. Please

Milwaukee Road #977

Seaboard Air Line #1527 Union Pacific #1281 Union Pacific #1288 Undecorated

Seaboard Air Line #1500

Milwaukee Road #989

176-4601 176-4602 176-4501 176-4502 176-4503 176-4504 176-4603 176-4604 176-4505 176-4506 176-4401 176-4402 176-4403 176-4404 176-4400 176-4600

Expected delivery in April


Canadian Pacific #8403

Canadian Pacific #8401 Chicago Great Western #53 Delaware & Hudson #4013 Delaware & Hudson #4025

Chicago Great Western #55

Great Northern #217

Great Northern #213

New York Central #8213

Santa Fe #2110

Santa Fe #2099

New York Central #8219

visit your local hobby shop or our website for detailed specifications on each version.
The Alco RSC-2 and RS-2 from KATO. No one else can do it better. Re serve them today with your local hobby retailer.

Union Pacific #1293

Union Pacific #1291

Undecorated with Friction Bearing Truck Journals Undecorated with Roller Bearing Truck Journals

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100 Remington Road Schaumbu rg,

IL 60173

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