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B y Brian P. Krei m enda h l

N W 9474 has a round bumper tube and n o conspicuity striping. Note the difference between the color of the door and the doorframe. This trailer has had its original driver's side mudflap replaced. - photographed at Seligman, Arizona, August 1998

a t i o n sWay port carr i e r that d e c lared


Trans was a and

a ssumed the servicing of many former NW customers. The large majority of NW's trailer equip ment fleet is comprised of 28-foot long, 102inch w i de and 13-feet 6-inch h i g h exterior post (X-post) pup trai lers. NW rostered pup tra i l ers buil t by both Timpte and Strick, w i t h the largest number b e i ng Strick- b u i l t pups. The Strick-bui l t pups come in two basic body styles: a pre-1990 version w i t h sixteen uneve n l y spaced exterior posts and no exte rior sidewall baserail, as well as a 1990-and later versi on w i th t h i rteen eve n l y spaced exterior posts on 24-i nch centers and an exterior sidewal l There are a number of other spotting features, such as bumper style, land ing gear variations, and presence or absence of l i ft rails, that further subdivide the Strick bui l t NW trai l ers i n to d i fferen t body types.


Rail Power Products Model
R ai l Power Products (RPP) o ffers an HO scale kit that is based on a 1990-an d l a t e r S t r i c k-bu i l t NW p u p t ra i l e r proto t y p e . RPP n u mber 807 undec orated decal sheet. trailer with The kit c o n t a i n s an a Nat i o n sWay

De n ve r based l ess-than- truc k l oad (L- T-L) b a n k r u pt c y ceased operations i n M a y of this year. Alth o u g h not as large as the so-ca l l e d "b i g four" n at i o nal L -T-L carriers ABF, CF, Roadway and Ye l l ow, N W was consi dered a s u per-regional carr i e r and had a s i g n i fi cant transport a t i o n prese n c e in North America. NW generated intermodal loads on a n umber of major rai l corri dors i nc lud i ng the B N S F's C h i cago to Seat t l e and C h i cago to Cal i fo rn i a l i nes, UP's l i ne Salt from C h i cago to Portland thro u g h

basics for a c re d i b l e i n R P P 807 k i t . After

model are fou n d p rototype,

comparing the k i t to photographs of the add i t i ons to the basic k i t so that t h e fin ished product would more c l osely match t h e prototyp e . For t h i s art i c l e , I

I d eci ded to make detai l i ng

b ui l t four trai lers

Lake City, and t h e former Conra i l l i n e from C h icago t o Harrisburg. A t the t i me o f t h is w r i t i n g , N W trailers may still be seen o n the rails carry i ng l oads for CF, as CF

representing two specific different prototypes of the 1990-and-later Strick-built NW trai lers. Two trailers would represent trailers bui l t c i rca 1992 w i t h a round lower bumper t u b e


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