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Ron Buns

The IC3 Flexliner demonstrators split up for viewers at Fullerton, Calif., on July 1 G. While the Danish-built trainsets are lettered for Amtrak, they wear the colors of their former Israeli operator.

No Strike, No Lockout
America's major railroads and the unions representing their workers negotiated new labor agreements w i t h o u t resorting to stri kes or lockouts. Three Presidential Emer gency Board reports, released on June 2 3 , addressed d isputes be tween the railroads and the Trans portation Communications Union, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way E m p l oy e e s , a n d t h e shopcra ft unions. T h e rai lroads and shopcrafts reached a tentative agreement on July 1 7, and BMWE settled on J u l y 2 3 . While the clerks could have walked out on July 24 when the "cooling off" pe r i o d e x p i re d , T C U P r e s i d e n t Robert Scardelletti agreed not to strike for another week, and later that day the TCU and the unions announced a tentative agreement. At press time, a l l of these agree ments h a d been submi tted to members for ratification.

I y be joined or split en route, mak ing them suitable for runs such as Cal trans' long-sought Sacramento extension of the S an Joaquins. The trains visited Las Vegas for public display on July 1 1 , follow ing up with demonstrator round trips between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, and Santa Clarita and San iego. The latter run, on July 1 8, included a rare jaunt up the former Santa Fe Escondido Subdivision , which hadn't seen a passenger train in years. From July 22 through Aug. 1 , the Flexliners substituted for San Diegan c on sists on two L.A.-San Diego round trips daily except Friday, July 26. D u r i n g August, t h e trains wi l l demonstrate i n northern Cali for nja and on the San Joaquin route.

David Fasules

ABOVE: Over 1 G inches of rain at Aurora, III., on July 1 7-1 8 trapped Burlington Northern's commuter fleet in Hill Yard. There was no service between Chicago and Aurora on July 1 8 for the first time in living memo ry. RIGHT: On July 1 8, the first four new GEs painted in Burlington North ern Santa Fe orange-and-green arrive in Chicago on Conrail train ELBNA.
blue-and-silver paint scheme simi lar to the colors of M K 's fleet of leased locomotives. The associa tion, which switches the Port of Houston, Texas, historically relied upon locomotives loaned by Hous ton's line-haul railroads. It is ex pected that PTRA will assume re sponsibi lity for switching on the Houston Belt & Term i n a l once Union Pacific completes its merger with Southern Pacific, and all 24 MK I S000s are delivered. Because Southern Pacific is not an H B&T owner, these neighboring tellllinal operations had remained separate. Arizona & California replaced five GP20s coming off a five-year lease with five former CSX GP30s supplied by Ohio Central Railway. The quintet, formerly CSX 420 I , 4 2 1 7, 4220, 4236, and 4239, will be renumbered ARZC 300 1 -300S . One of these units was painted in ARZC colors in July, and the rail road expected to repaint the rest by the end of August. ARZC also ros ters G P 3 8 s 3 8 0 1 - 3 8 04 and GP3Ss 3 S 0 1 and 3 S02 . Grand Canyon Railway placed fo rmer C h i c a g o , B u rl ington & Quincy 2 - 8 - 2 steam locomotive 4960 in service on J u l y 2 S . The M i kado h a d undergone a multi year rebuilding that altered its ap pearance. I t now looks like

Short Items
S truggling out of Willits, Ca l if. , the last California Northern train over the old Northwestern Pacific departed Mendocino County on July 20, headed for Napa Junction and Suisun behind three S 09 s . On July 2 2 , North Coast Railroad Authori ty, operating under t h e N W P name, took over service be tween Willits and Schellville. The Port Terminal Railroad As sociation received its first three Morrison Knudsen Rail MK I S000 swi tch engines, 960 I, 9 603, and 9604, during July. The units wear a

Danish Flexliners Tour Cal ifornia
After deadheading across the con tinent behind Amtrak trains, two three-car I C 3 Flexliner self-pro pelled t r a i n s e t s from D e n m a r k demonstrated their a d a pt a b il ity for Amtrak, Cal trans, and com muter authorities. Like Budd Rail iesel Cars, I C 3 consists can easi-

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