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track! The new diesels...even the plastic ones! great no hesitation at all on the layout. Thats an important issue when you entertain as many visitors as the F&SM gets! N ow that some of the older s tructures in Manchester and D overtown are beginning to show their age, are you planning on replacing any of the structures with newer ones? Not likely, although it does happen on rare occasions. Ive been f ocusing more on mini-projects in the older areas...especially redetailing the roofs. Ive replaced a lot of my original signage with the new laser-cut variety of billboards that seem to add detail in itself. Any structures removed will be replaced by scratchbuilt efforts only. When you are designing a new building for the layout, do you design the structure to fit the location or simply find a location to place the structure? I n ever make a mockup of a structure to be built. T he exception would be my F ine Scale Miniature kits; t hey always have a mockup produced before making f inal decisions. A cardstock f ootprint dictates the size and shape of the structures I a dd on the layout. I wing the designs, determining the amount of floors and rooflines I need to make a scene work. W hen all is said and done, was the F&SM all that you hoped it would b e? And what would y ou like to be remembered for? I h ad no idea how the F&SM would eventually turn out. I think most modelers have the same experience in that regard. Ive always built to the best of my potential, and I really cant believe how things have progressed. The F&SM is more than I could have ever hoped for. As for how the layout...and myself...are remembered? I dont know. I would guess that my line of kits is probably the single most important contribution I could have made to the hobby. As for the layout?...of course, to me, I feel gratified with all the nice comments I get about it, but each modeler seems to see something different in it. Id like to feel that Ive helped share a lot of creativity with other modelers. I was inspired by Frank Ellison and Earl

Smallshaw; I hope Ive been able to inspire the next generation of modelers in similar ways. My advice to a new modeler would be simple: Have fun according to your ability...if youre not of professional quality, so what? Big deal! I remember reading a magazine called Scale Model Railroading with Frank Ellison and at the time I was building structures out of cigar boxes and painting on the windows! Dont let the work of the more serious guys discourage your modeling efforts, and enjoy the hobby!



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