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dont look to go into business with it. There was an instance about nine years ago when, after visiting Universal Studios, I sent them a copy of the F&SM book. I actually got a letter from them suggesting possible employment! I dont know if they were serious, but I sometimes wonder about where the F&SM would be today if I followed through on it. You have recently decided t o remove the hills behind B edford Falls to add another small town; do you have any d emolition/addition plans beyond that? No, thats it. To be honest, at this point Im kind of stuck on what to do with that area. Ive pretty much ruled out a scenic divider; itll have to be one of those projects that takes care of itself as it happens. Here again, B edford Falls simply didnt have the New England feel that the rest of the layout did. One p roblem I can foresee is the potential for exposing the backs of the structures that lie in the area. When the mountain range t hat lies behind them gets removed, youll be able to see the backs of all of those well detailed but unfinished structures. The backs of them are only structural; I only detailed the viewing sides of them. Now that the railroad is almost done, what operation lies ahead? Do you t hink your yard space is a dequate, and would you have allotted different physical sizes for your yards upon re-examination of them? Like so many of us, Ive got an abundance of rolling stock. The F&SM is, more or less, a shortline, and Im going to have to keep that attitude with the train lengths I use. That should save me some yard and staging space. I ve never mentioned it before, but Im thinking of moving the layout era into the 40s. Most everything would still work, but Id be able to introduce diesels to the layout. Allan Keller just videotaped the third F&SM tape, and although I have high-quality steam running, the model railroad gremlins still managed to get into the act! Im thinking strongly of getting into first-generation diesels and boxcabs. The reason? I used flextrack on the layout; it seems that it varies in gauge around the curves and restricts larger steamers from operating as smoothly as Id like. It would be a lot easier to change the motive power than to change the

Many noted modelers have d one professional building for movies and commercial exhibits. Have you ever had any offers to do other types of model building work...professional or otherwise? No, I havent gone in that direction, although a lot of folks want to hire me to build both Fine Scale Miniature models for them, as well as an occasional diorama. I keep my model building private and



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