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September 2001 - Page 44

Franklin & South Manchester Revisited... A Conversation with George
by Art Fahie
Photos by the author


n this final look at the newer areas of the F&SM I thought it would be different for George Sellios to tell his story in his own words. Although George is well known for his modeling, articles about his work are almost always done by authors, not be George himself. For those of you who arent totally familiar with the F&SM these questions should be interesting; for diehard F&SM devotees, there are some little-known tidbits of information that George has seen fit to share with the readers of Model Railroading. Looking back, are there any obvious things you would have done differently in your approach to building the F&SM, such as radical changes in techniques or concepts? Probably not; Ive somehow managed to keep some kind of continuity and although my style has varied from area to area I still feel comfortable with the overall feel of the layout. The exception would be the mountain range in the middle of the layout. I didnt see it earlier on, but it just has too much of a Colorado feel to it. Ive

grown away from the John Allen look that was so prevalent in the area while it was still being developed. I would have liked to have had additional staging areas...make that visible staging areas...Im not fond of the maintenance and operating problems that can surface with under-the-benchwork staging areas. What, if any, of your original building and scenic techniques have you improved on? Techniques havent changed much, although the newer areas such as Franklin have a different look because of the sizes of the structures as well as the fact that, unlike Manchester, they arent comprised of stacked wall masonry wall sections. Ive taken a more focused approach to the smaller structures; not nearly as many vines and visual aids were needed to disguise adjoining wall panels. Ive even gone with a different look on my signs, although some might feel differently, I actually prefer them to many of the originals in the larger city areas. Ive managed to get more of a northeastern look to the trees as well, not so many John Allen-type



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