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August 2001 - Page 40

Sellios A Scrapbook
by Art Fahie
Photos by the author


am a boomer...and at 54 years of age I can readily recall the names and creative processes of E.L. Moore, Linn Westcott, Malcolm Furlow, Whit Towers, Earl Smallshaw, John Allen...and too many more to mention. The specific events and details are just shadows in my mind, but these names, along with countless others, are as important to what model railroading was back then as it is to what model railroading is today...and will continue to be in the future. Its true, different modelers helped to define different eras of our hobby. While stalwarts like Earl Smallshaw have endured 50 years of writing and creative expertise, others are known for more specific deeds. The late 80s were in large part defined by Malcolm Furlow, while fellows such as Bill Schopp and Linn Westcott dominated the 60s. But what about the subject of our story, George Sellios? Its hard to put a real handle or timeframe on the work that George has done or his impact on the hobby. I was first introduced to his work in the early 1990s. I had never heard of Fine Scale Miniatures (Georges small manufacturing enterprise), and would be shaken to discover what was happening on a secondfloor loft in the small town of Peabody in New England. So many photos have been taken, and with a book, two video tapes (and one more on the way), countless articles, and an almost cult-like following, photographing and re-examining the Franklin & South Manchester would be both a project I aspired to...and dreaded. How to do justice to one of the worlds finest model railroad layouts ever to exist would prove to be a challenge Id not likely have the chance to encounter again.

The methods used in the building of the F&SM might well take up all the space in this publication, so Im just going to stay with some of the ques40 MODEL RAILROADING AUGUST 2001

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