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TIMX 1005 roster view. One of the six original demonstrator cars built in 1992. Note the rungs on the left side (a reverse L design) and the pull-tabs.

UP 33246. The 125-ton version of the Aluminator. This is the 4930 design. Note there are 16 rivets on the corner from the top chord down to the bottom of the end sheet. These also have an extra row of rivets on the sides a few feet down from the top. There are seven rungs on this design. Union Pacific class G-125-3 (the third 125-ton gondola class because of some late 60s/early 70s steel coal gondolas).

The Competition
WFAX 94162. Johnstown Americas 4 ,400-cu.ft. aluminum-bodied coal gondola car was originally introduced by JAs predecessor, Bethlehem Steel C ar and called the Bethgon . The Bethgon was introduced in the 70s as a steel-bodied car. Note there are 13 side posts and the cross braces are on the 4th, 7th and 10th posts. However, this design has five fasteners on each side of the post for each cross brace. Also, the ends of the tubs are squared (versus Trinitys angled style) and have no bands. SATX 10092. Thralls answer to the aluminum-bodied coal gondola market. This is a 4,530-cu.ft. design. Note the horizontal grooves located mid way on the panels. This design uses c ross braces at the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th posts! Again, all three designs have 13 side posts. There are no bands on the tubs.



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