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CLEX 2089 roster view. This is a 4525 design. Note the three bands on the tubs. This is the A-end side with a single handhold across the opening under the slope sheet and a single rung attached above on the end panel. Note that there are 13 rivets on the corner seam from the top chord down to the bottom of the end sheet. CLEX 2089 center side detail. The lettering along the bottom cautions against using an open flame to heat the car (coal often gets frozen to the sides of the cars). four sets of 120 cars were delivered over the next few years. Trinity Industries itself added 115 cars to its fleet in late 1996. Up to this point all of these were rated for a 286,000-lb. gross rail loading. I n late 1996, a second design entered series production. This car was rated with a 4,525 cubic-foot capacity and 286,000-lb. gross rail loading. Newcourt Capital USA (now Transport Capital), Canadian National, Cleco Corporation, Seminole Electric Cooperative, and Union Pacific all acquired this d esign variation. Northern Indiana Public Service later acquired used cars of this design. Again, this design retains the standard 53' 1" frame but has an extreme height of 12' 10". In 1997, the Union Pacific received an entirely new design of Trinitys Aluminator. This design was a 315,000-lb. gross rail loading (125-ton) car with a rated capacity of 4,930 cubic feet. The design continued the 53' 1" outside length standard, but the height was raised nearly three-quarters of a foot to a 13' 4" extreme height. The end sheets were taller and the slope-sheet angle changed. The UP initially received 210 of these numbered UP 33100-33309. Another 105 were received later that year and numbered UP 33310-33414. CLEX 2089 right side detail. The first post from the end has a full rivet pattern on the outside flange.



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