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BN 534992 left side detail. Note the six ladder rungs on this A-end side view detail. Note the green painted area goes up to but does not include the side post. The lower second panel h as three rivets on the slope-sheet line. BELOW: BN 534992 center side detail. Notice the center posts rivet pattern is alternating. The tub had only one band on it with rivet detail. BOTTOM: BN 534992 right side detail. See how much darker and more pronounced the huck-bolt-type rivets are than the smaller lower profile fastener heads. There are six rungs on this corner but note how they are spaced out to the top chord (compare to the left side photo).

Extreme Quick ID Feature Height 4400 12' 7" Single band on tubs Triple bands on tubs 4525 12' 10" Very shallow slope Extra horizontal row of rivets on sides a few 4930 13' 4" feet from top chord Size

Trinity offers these cars in both double- and single-tub versions. natural aluminum. The next big order came from relative newcomer Transcisco Leasing (later picked up by Trinity Rail Manage ment) using the reporting marks GEAX ( this isnt/wasnt GE Leasing). At least

BN 534992 end detail. Again the bolt p ortion of the fasteners just pop out at you. The Johnstown Bethgon design also uses a single support post on the ends. Trinitys end top chord is a channel (versus Johnstowns flangelike design).



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