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his 56' general service tank car was built by American Car and Foundry at Milton,

Pennsylvania in June 1 974 and was painted black with white leltering. Its class, DOT 1 1 1 A 1 00, i ndicates it is rated for non-pressurized use with a safe maximum

Features: S uperfine underbody, brake hardware,

and brake wheel detail Formed wire end rails Two separate styles of placard

American C & Foundry ar Road Number ACFX 872 81

operating pressure of 1 00 p si. Developments in materials and manufacturing allowed this tanker to be constructed without an underframe. The bottom of the tank itself serves as the load bearing structure. Variations in this tank car are mostly internal, involving diHerent types of insulation, lining and welding spec's. Still in use today, these cars haul everything from fruit juice to weed killers.

Correct NMRA car weight within 1 gram P rototypically accurate weld line detail

#110010 . . . $TBA

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