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July 2001 - Page 46

The Livestoc k another prod Hotel at Mack is yet uct of Howar ds creative m in d . A g la n ce at th e p ar ki n g lo t will tell you th age of guests at there is no short. Since their in troduction, vehicles by Cl as become an im sic Metal Works have portant part of the railroad.

ome to Gerin is h village of . The overhead t The quie lity coaling rvice faci a small se e above and the yrene. g st d truss bri re scratchbuilt of -2 p ic e -8 station w a d e th e B & O 2 ri e n ta l m O tured.

Fin e Sc ale Mi nia tu res Ba ron go uld Tannery sits on an isolated siding. A close look at the window details reveals the craftsma n-like attention that goes into the str uctures that surround the whole ma mmoth effort!

JULY 2001

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