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It was difficult to photograph the three bridges that lie just outside of Williamstown. The lower highway bridge is a commercial offering made by Rix. A lot of time went into building the two upper scratchbuilt railroad bridges. Even though I am 6 1 tall, I had to aim the camera up to get in the entire scene...breathtaking! meeting place for modelers of all scales. You can reach the website for the shows at www. Modelers attend from all over the country. I make the nine-hour trip from my home in Maine, and as a regular attendee Id recommend you attend as well. A layout article can sometimes be a challenge to write; after all we do all tend to do things in a similar fashion. Whereas finding e nough interesting information to fill an article can often be difficult, the hardest part of writing about the Piermont Division was knowing how much I had to leave out. Even the photos represent only a small portion of the layout, and with an upcoming addition to Howards home the layout will again grow another giant leap! Some things I can report...the layout was originally Dynatrol, but had been converted to use Digitrax as well, all it takes is the flick of a switch! Shinohara Code 83 track and turnouts are used and controlled through the digital handheld units and powered by twin-coil machines. Because of the layouts rambling dimensions its difficult to report the actual physical size of the thing, but it occupies 2,400 square feet!

Strong vertical elements, plenty of details, fire escapes and signage are trademarks of the Piermont division.

A string of flatcars plays host to a tourist run at the town of Dembeck. Howard is comfortable modeling complex roof designs like the one on his Dembeck Union Station. The string of NYC cars is by InterMountain; every caboose in this scene is made of brass.

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