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Valve Air Tank

To Truck
Slack Adjuster

To Truck


"B" End

Brake Cylinder

"A" End
To Brake Wheel

Figure 2 This stylized piping arrangement was used to create underbody interest. Please note that this arrangement is not prototypically accurate.

View showing stylized underbody detailing before painting. to the piping arrangement shown in Figure 2. Note that this is a stylized arrangement intended to provide interest underneath the car when viewed from the side; those who are more concerned with brake system accuracy may wish to alter the layout of this piping. The piping itself is made from .015 brass wire secured with cyanoacrylate (CA). Moving to the couplers, the same .015 b rass wire is used to fabricate a lift bar, which is secured to the carbody with Detail Associates #2206 eyebolts. Then the DA 6206 air hose was secured in a .030 hole. The brake wheel, walkways and tack boards come from the manufacturer molded in black plastic and must be painted to match the carbody. We found that airbrushing is the best method. Since we found the kits brake

The added lift bar and air hose.

GARX 68038 tells the world its a General American Transportation Arcticar. We suspect that kids, however, are much more likely to identify with the McCain emblem on the opposite end. Here are more of their potato products going to market via Conrails Conway (PA) Yard in May 1992. Walthers offers this car as part of its series, and its probably the most popular. DASH TWO Photo by Joe Jack


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