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A troop train overtakes an Army ordinance train on the Curve. The coach on the end of the troop train is for the officers and train crew. light in Lloyds hobby. The clinics he has presented at National are both entertaining and educational. With his fresh approach to many areas of the hobbys proven techniques, he uses uncommon materials in many of his projects. In just ten years, he has created a magnificent representation of one of railroadings most famous landmarks, the Pennsylvania Railroads Horseshoe Curve. A nd all from just a casual reading of a book on the PRR.

Meet Lloyd Larson
Lloyd Larson is the owner and builder of this HO-scale re-creation of the Pennsylvania Railroads famous Horseshoe Curve. The layout is set in the fall and L loyds talents for scenery are out standing. He owns and runs Top Flite, a company that manufactures auger assemblies for various industries.

JUNE 2001


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