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The Slope, which was a 5% downgrade, allowed 2-10-0 helpers (known as snappers in Pennsy language) to quickly get back onto the four-track mainline from the crest of the grade at New Portage Tunnel.

Tunnel Hill was pierced by a set of twin bores (Gallitzin on the right, Allegheny on the left). The blowers pushed a column of air in front of the locomotive so that the engine crews would not suffocate from smoke or fumes. The passenger car is the Ferdinand Magellan, a favorite of President Roosevelt.


l ayout has a story behind it. Ask Lloyd about a particular building or vehicle and h e can recite an in-depth (usually hilarious) story which makes the scene believable and convincing. The social aspect of the hobby is very important to Lloyd, but he still finds the time for modeling. In fact, he became the N ational Model Railroad Associations Master Model Railroader (MMR) #288 in 1 999. He is also a member of the Penn sylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society and belongs to both the National R ailway Historical Society (NRHS) and the NMRAs Layout Design SIG. Going to national NMRA conventions is also a highA hotshot intermodal train just clears MG Tower, scratchbuilt from styrene. T he tower was named because it s tands at the mid-grade point. The prototype tower was built in 1941 to handle the increase in war traffic on the Curve. Note the bundled communication cables that lead to various signals and turnouts.


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