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Alto Tower controls movements at Altoona. The scratchbuilt structure features complete interior. Lloyd has used perspective to make the town recede into the background. The wooden bridge was known as B rickyard Crossing because of the numerous brick kilns in the area outside Altoona. While a PRR work train p asses underneath, two cast-resin cars by Gregs Autos travel the gravel and dirt roads. The white house belongs to Mrs. Shinola, who is famous for her pies (two of which are cooling on the windowsill). A set of Pennsy F-units pulls a general merchandise freight on the four-track mainline.

lights, both interior and exterior. There are also lights along many of the city streets in Altoona. Lloyd has strayed from some of the conventional modeling wisdom and uses innovative methods in his buildings. For example, the windows on many of the background structures are just black electricians tape applied directly to the painted styrene walls! And the insulators on all those telephone poles are done with green glitter paint.

Motive Power, Rolling Stock and Train Control
Since one of the attractions for modeling

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