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KCS GP40-2 4796 was acquired in February 1981, one of only a few Dash-2 GP40s bought new by the road. Note the slightly different positioning of the yellow nose stripes, lack of a KCS shield and the striping on the handrails doesnt extend as far as on some other units. The evolution of the KCS fleet of 40s has created a lot of subtle differences. The class lights are blanked out, and the unit has a toilet vent in the side of the short hood. Location unknown, May 1992. Decals: Microscale 87-550. Bob Baker, Jr., photo, George Melvin collection

L&N GP40 3007 is from the first group of ten units that arrived in 1966. This unit is shown in its first year on the property, in the then-current gray and yellow scheme, without the separating stripe between the yellow nose mask and the gray body. Note the road number and initials on the hood side have the separating stripes. The unit has a three-chime horn, visors under the warning lights in the cab and the regular headlights in the low nose. Note the bell just forward of the fuel tank. Montgomery, AL; July 27, 1967. Decals: Microscale 87-823. Photographer unknown, George Melvin collection in 1964-66 numbered 1300-1315 and 27 G E U25Bs in 1963-64 numbered 16001626. During this time period, six-motors for the mountainous coal country were being a cquired from EMD and GE along with some dual-service SDP35s, not a common model. Our featured locomotive, the GP40, arrived in two groups: ten units numbered 3000-3009 in 1966 and another 20 numbered 3010-3029 the following year. The competition at General Electric got smaller orders at the same time for five U28Bs in 1966 and another five U30Bs in 1967. The GP40s had dynamic brakes and the full-size fuel tanks and some minor accessories but were typical production GP40s. These units spent a good deal of time on the southern end of the system and lasted through the Family Lines and Seaboard System era and into CSX. Next month, we will examine the GP40s of the Milwaukee Road.

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