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Black. Paint all of the sideframes MODELflex Engine Black, as well as the bell and air filter. Paint all the step edges, pilot step edges, pilot grabirons, and handrails on either side of each set of the steps MODELflex Insignia Yellow. Paint the windshield wipers, glad hands on all MU and trainline hoses, and cab side window frames Floquil Old Silver. The final details to paint are the fuel filler caps, which are painted Floquil Signal Red. This completes all of the touchup painting required. N ext, we need to add some decals to make this models paint scheme complete. Using Microscale 87-21 for Pennsylvania Hood Diesels, I added new Keystone logos over the existing ones on the model. The red background on the existing ones was a little too dark, causing them to not stand out enough. I also got the road numbers for the cab sides from this decal set as well. The warning labels and FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSIDE labels came from Microscale 8748. Cut out and apply small rectangles of w hite decal for the background on these labels, then apply the text portion of the l abels directly on top of the white back grounds. The ACI labels came from Herald King, but Microscale also makes very nice ones. I just happened to have some of the Herald King ACI labels that I am trying to use up. The final decals, and probably the most important for modeling any PRR diesel in the mid-to-late 60s are the RADIO E QUIPPED logos. At this time I know o f only one commercial source for these decals, and that is Raritan Bay Hobbies set #PRR-1. To me a second-generation Pennsy diesel model is just not complete without these logos. These logos started showing up on locomotives and cabins after the PRR d iscontinued the use of their Trainphone s ystem in about 1963. Pennsy modelers are lucky that Raritan Bay Hobbies makes t hese decals available. You can contact R aritan Bay Hobbies at P.O. Box 4231, Metuchen, NJ 08840, (732) 494-2932. For those of you on-line they can be reached via their website: www.raritanbayhobbies. com or via email at At this point our PRR C630 is finished except for weathering. Prior to weathering I sealed the whole model with Floquil Flat Finish. Once dry, I applied Conte chalks with a Q-tip, and various weathering colors with the airbrush. I thin my weathering colors down to a wash with about a 10:1 ratio of solvent to paint. The idea here is to apply a fair amount of weathering. These units saw a lot of hard usage, and the weathering should reflect that. After applying sufficient weathering, we c an put the window glass and the head light castings in. Add some Kadee couplers and put this husky brute to work pulling a heavy mineral train, or pushing on the rear of heavy freight fighting its way up the east face of the Allegheny Escarpment around Horseshoe Curve.

An overpass gives us a great view of PRR 6322 shoving hard on the rear end of a heavy train.

Bill of Material
Manufacturer Detail Associates Part No. 1202 1405 1508 1803 2202 2205 2312 2314 2504 2505 2808 139 172 268 284 131 B10 9007 3959 110015 110065 110100 1601 1605 1616 1650 Description Bell, underframe mount Drop step, ALCO short MU hoses Sinclair radio antenna Drop grabirons Coupler cut lever bar Cab deflector, Prime straight Windshield wipers .012 brass wire .015 brass wire GE speed recorder w/flange Air filter set Locomotive step light Air hose w/extension & angle cock Speed recorder .030 x .030 strip styrene CPR brakestand Air horn, 3-chime Brakewheel Flat Finish Signal Red Old Silver Engine Black Weathered Black Brunswick Green Insignia Yellow ACI Labels Pennsylvania Hood Diesels Diesel Locomotive Data Radio Equipped logos

Details West

Evergreen Miniatures by Eric Overland Precision Scale Floquil MODELflex

Herald King Microscale

87-21 87-48 Raritan Bay Hobbies PRR-1

JUNE 2001


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