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Although used mainly as Snapper power, the Pennsys C630s could also be found putting their muscle to work pulling trains. Here 6322 is working solo on a merchandise train. on to the sill area. Here we need to drill a #61 hole in the underside of the sill just ahead of the jacking pad on the engineers side below the cab for a DW locomotive step light (#172). The last detail to address on the sills is to drill and file a small slot in the jacking pad on the firemans side below the cab.

Chassis and Trucks
We now move on to the last area of work, that being the chassis and truck sideframe detailing. Begin by adding a DA underframe mount bell (#1202) just behind the sub-base on the engineers side. This is a little tricky because you need to recess the bell into the frame a little to get it to clear the truck sideframe. Add the fuel-tank details included with the kit and the air-reservoir tanks above the fuel tank on both sides. Finish the underframe detailing by adding a DW large air filter from their air filter set (#139) just ahead of the fuel filler on the engineers side. Now we move onto the truck sideframes. To make this easier, you need to determine a location for each sideframe. That is, two will go on the firemans side, one forward and one rear, and the same for the engineers side. The reason for this is that the firemens side is detailed differently than the engineers side, and they all need to go back onto the model in the correct arrangement. Starting with the sideframes on the firemans side, each axle needs a DA GE speed recorder with flange (#2808). Start by drilling through each journal cover, and mounting the flange. Then before mounting the head, drill a #79 hole through the head. Mount the head and add cables made from .012 brass wire into the holes that you just drilled. Refer to the model photos for an idea of what the cables should look like. Moving to the engineers side, the second axle from the front on the lead truck needs a DW speed recorder (#284). Prior to adding these details you need to add sand lines to each sideframe. This is accomplished by making brackets out of .030 x .030 strip styrene. Drill a #77 hole through each bracket, then mount the brackets in holes drilled into the sideframes. Form sand lines from .015 brass wire, and thread them through the holes drilled in the brackets making sure that they do not extend down too far and interfere with the rail head when the engine is put on the track. Secure everything with CA.

Paint and Decals
We are now ready to finish up our PRR C630 model. Paint all the new details on the body and walkway/pilots MODELflex Brunswick Green. This includes all lift rings, grabs, radio antenna, air horn, brakewheel and stand, cut-lever bars, trainline angle cock and pipe, drop steps and the pipe portion of the MU hoses. Paint the hose part of all MU hoses and both trainline hoses MODELflex Weathered

PRR 6322 is busy keeping the slack bunched up on a heavy train while the trains conductor takes in the scenery.


JUNE 2001

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