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June 2001 - Page 2

In an encore presentation, the PROTO 2000 Heritage Steam Collection announces the 2nd release of the USRA 0-8-0. Hailed as "brass quality," you will be impressed witl1 the meticulous attention to detail and its outstanding performance!

This exceptional locomotive features:

Hand-Applied Detail Parts on the Locomotive and Tender including a Brass Bell, Metal Handrails & Cut Levers, and Tender Truck Chains Operating Cab Windows and Meticulously Detailed Cab Interior Slow Speed Less than 3 Scale Miles Per Hour and up to 59 Scale Miles Per Hour Fast Speed Will Operate Through 18" Radius Curves and #4 Thmouts Weighted for Maximulll Tractive Effort - Pulls 60 or More Cars 8 Wheel Drive & Electrical Pickup

5 Pole Skew-Wound Balanced Mmattlre with Machined Flywheel Precisely-meshed Worm Gear and Spur Teeth Nickel-Silver Plated Wheels with RP25 Contours Authentic Painting and Laser-Sharp Printing Constant and Directional Head and Tail Lights Equipped with PROTO 2000 Couplers DCC Ready to-Page Booklet Filled Certificate of Quality

Moveable Cab Windows

Oller 30 Hallll-AfJ/Jlied 1'ellder Delai/I'arls

As appropriate to the prototype road, Boston Maine and Missouri Pacific feature pilot deck ladders. All other roads feature pilot deck steps (as shown above.)
The second release of the 0-8-0 with tender is available in an unlettered version and two road numbers each in Chesapeake & Ohio; Boston Maine; Missouri Pacific; New York, New Haven & Hartford; Indiana Harbor Belt and Pere Marquette. Each model comes with illustrated instructions, a certificate of authenticity and a booklet filled with historical facts and rare documentation. And, as with the first release, PROTO 2000 will donate a portion of the sales to the historical society of the roads represented to aid their efforts of preserving the history and beauty of the 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive.
Prolotypically Correct 1'ellder

Truck Chains

Over 30 Halld-Applied I,oco Delail ParIs


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