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HJCU is for Hanjin Container Lines, Ltd. (originally it was Han-Jin) of South Korea. HDMU 690141 is a high-cube refrigerated container equipped with a Thermo-King unit. Note the HJCL on the front. Port of Long Beach; November 1989.

HJCU 702344 was built on May 12, 1979 by Hyundai. This is a standard-height 40 box. The vertical HJCL style logo was the first to hit the U.S. shores in quantity during the late 70s. Port of Long Beach; May 1981.

HJCU 727806 is a later paint scheme with the horizontal Hanjin and the circle H logo on the left door. There are a number of minor variations on this paint scheme dealing with unit ID location, data and other small lettering details. Also, this is a really odd container in the container-enthusiast world. At first sight it looks like any other but check the square corrugations and one logo panel per side. ATSF Hobart Yard; November 1997.


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