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May 2001 - Page 47

HDMU 214536 represents the third major paint scheme (and the current version) that uses a large horizontal H yundai logo. ATSF Hobart Yard; November 1997.

HDMU 500094 is a standard-height 40 refrigerated box (ISO 4332). This is a sheet-and-post sides design built by Hyundai. Port of Long Beach; November 1989.

HDMU 602064 is a high-cube 40 box. This is the current and most common d esign, with all-bevel corrugated s ides. Note the front unit ID is vertical in the second valley from the right. Port of Long Beach; September 1989.

HDMU 693168 is a high-cube 45 container shown here at ATSF Hobart Yard in October 1997. Please note that a common characteristic on 45 container extensions (beyond the 40 ISO posts) is that there are two corrugations on the left and one on the right.

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