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This dam dropped the stream enough to clear the deeper 50 Micro Engineering deck girder bridge used to carry the new mainline. Fixing the scenery required a little more work. An existing stream was extended to t he new layout edge and a b ridge added to support the n ew track. I used a Micro Engineering 50' deck girder kit to span the creek at this location. Since the girders are deeper than the thirty-footers under the old tracks, I had to lower the extended streambed to make everything look right. The streams transition to this lower height was made with a small dam and spillway fashioned out of concrete-painted w ood. The dam also added visual interest to the scene. Wi t h t h e d e p o t n o w located between the new and o ld mains, new real estate b ecame available in the town of Trinidad. The street r unning to the depot was extended using plaster poured b etween styrene forms, and timber grade crossings were installed for vehicle access; s idewalks were built from s tyrene. Several Design Preservation structures were added to create two new city blocks. I filled in around the foundations with sifted dirt, ground foam and junk from my scrap box and used diluted white glue to hold everything in place. With the new mainline c omplete, passenger trains n ow come and go without tying up the yard lead I even gained another location f or meets in the process. I am pleased with the results, both in improved operations and the added visual interest created by the dam and new buildings backing against the tracks. Making these changes was surprisingly easy; painting the new structures took m ore time than everything else combined. As this is written, the old Raton Division exists no more. A new, much larger railroad depicting the Santa Fe over Glorieta Pass in New M exico is under construc tion in my new basement, but the lesson learned with the Trinidad yard will be put to good use in the building of my new yard of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

MAY 2001


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